De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised


De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised The Magician (5 seeds)

A magical and highly potent flashback to the first Skunk plants and their ancestors, to the time when Sativa elements were much more pronounced in the Skunk hybrids. The original Skunks were bred from Afghani, Mexican and Columbian cannabis plants. As more and more hybrids were developed, Afghani elements became stronger in most Skunk varieties. The Magician gives growers a taste of the OLD SCHOOL by crossing an Orange Skunk with the most famous plant in Cannabis history, the White Widow. The result is a heavy, pungent plant with long , solid buds, glistening with crystals. The smell and taste of The Magician is strong and fruity. Expect a happy high.

type: orange skunk x white widow
indoor flowering: 50 -60 days
indoor yield: 100 g
height: 120 -160 cm
buzz: a happy high
taste / smell: strong and fruity taste


De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised Fast Skunk (5 seeds)

Fast Skunk could very well qualify as the best and easiest all round strain for outdoor cultivation, of all the strains of “de Sjamaan Feminized Seeds”. By crossing Skunk and Early Pearl the best qualities from both varieties will be found in this Fast Skunk feminized. Due to the growing power of the Skunk and the outdoor hardiness of Early Pearl, this variety will be happy to grow in the garden, on your balcony or any outdoor location here it will receive direct sunlight. Fast Skunk is particularly interesting for growers that want a shorter growth cycle. The influence of its parent Early Pearl allows this Fast Skunk to finish Weeks earlier than its Skunk parent and makes it much more resistant to ould and fungus. She is potent, hardy and above all easy to grow. Sampling this Fast Skunk will carry you to new heights and mystical places.

type: skunk x early pearl
flowering: optimal outdoor flowering
outdoor flowering: october
outdoor yield: up to 500 gr / m2
height: 200 -300 cm
buzz: smooth high blends with warm skunk stone
taste / smell: warm and sweet


De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised Intense Skunk (5 seeds)

Intense Skunk is a beautiful crossing between a superb Skunk variety and an old school Afghani Hash plant. Because of its dependability and overall high performance this strain is suitable for commercial as well as for specialist growers. She will always live up to the super potent promise she gives. Grown from seed, intense skunk is remarkably uniform, with plants showing consistent structure and regular buds every time. When given a little extra love and care, this strain can produce enormous crystal covered flowers indoors or in a greenhouse. Intense Skunk is probably the only cannabis strain that could very well require more experience to smoke than you would need to grow it.

type: skunk x afghani hash plant
indoor flowering: 45 -50 days
outdoor flowering: june -october
indoor yield: Up to 125 gr / m2
height: 120 -150 cm
buzz: asks more experience to smoke than to grow
taste / smell: sweet and earthy


De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised Lemon Bud (5 seeds)

This lady is yet another exceptional cross with White Widow. By crossing White Widow with the Big Bud strain, Lemon Bud became a perfect strain for beginners as well as experienced growers . This strain will produce sturdy plants with strong branching. Seedlings can be put in pots when they are still quite small, with only a few pairs of leaves, and can be expected
to finish around 1 to 1,5 mtr high. Lemon Bud will form silky floral clusters topped with long pistils, which will increase in mass exponentially towards the end of flowering. The look of these will please every Ganja lover. Lemon Bud will give a clear and fresh high and as far as taste is concerned, the name says it all

type: white widow x big bud
indoor flowering: 45 -55 days
indoor yield: 150 gr
height: 100 -150 cm
buzz: clear, fresh high
taste / smell: it's all in the name


De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised Lady Purple (5 seeds)

This is a high-potency, strong yield feminized strain of Afghani with a strong Purple influence. Lady Purple is easy to grow indoors, even for the beginner, but will also flourish outdoors in spring and summer in areas where the climate is moderate. This variety is bred from some of the best Cannabis plants the world knows. Her ancestors can be found in the legendary Indica cultivars of the Afghan Hindu Kush region, as well as the Californian Medical Marijuana scene and the top varieties from Holland. The Afghani ancestry are the source of Lady Purple’s potency, fast flowering and sturdy consistency. A more distant ancestor is a much sought after Jamaican Sativa variety which makes her slightly taller and adds a lot of extra High to complement her Indica Body Stone. Crossing these ancestors with an incredible Dutch bred Hindu Kush and the US Purple Kush gives the Lady Purple her final look. The purple color is most prominent in her flowers, not just in the leaves. It is even not uncommon that Lady Purple finishes with green leaves that accentuate the lovely Dark purple violet buds. Buds of mature plants are solid and spiky, covering a large portion of stem and branches. Purple Lady’s flowers are covered with sparkling resin crystals and smell of pine and sandalwood with a hint of sweetness.

type: afghani/hindu kush x US Purple Kush
indoor flowering: 56 -70
outdoor flowering: end Sept, 1st week Okt.
ourdoor yield: up to 300 gr
height: 100 -170
buzz: strong high with body stone
taste / smell: pine/sandalwood with a sweet undertone


De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised Shamanic Haze (5 seeds)

This feminized Haze strain is a superb sample of top quality Haze, with all the characteristics you would expect from a predominantly Sativa strain. By the time that the flowering period
ends, the top 50% of stems and branches are full of long flowers covered with sticky crystals. The Indica influence in Shamanic Haze is very subtle, giving it extra density and a very rich
citrus Flavour.

type: X x Haze
indoor flowering: 65-80 days
indoor yield: up to 100g
height: 150-180 cm
buzz: intense mystical high
taste / smell: rich citrus flavor


De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised Shaman's High (5 seeds)

An amazing mix between Northern Lights and White Widow. The plants have a typical Indica growth pattern and the buds look as if they are sugar coated, rich in resin crystals. The sweetness of the White Widow gives a real strong, fruity undertone to this Shaman’s High. The effect can only be described as a VERY strong stone, only for those who can handle her.

type: northern light x white widow
indoor flowering: 55 -65 days
indoor yield: 125 gr
height: 90 -130 cm
buzz: very strong stone
taste / smell: fruity sweetness


De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised White Skunk (5 seeds)

This variety has proven itself for years already, as an excellent choice for first time growers. Also among connoisseurs it has
gained a great reputation as a high quality strain for a reasonable price. Being available now as feminized White Skunk only makes
this variety even more desirable. As most Skunk, the White Skunk is consistent, potent and very easy to grow. This strain has the strength and rapid flowering time for which the whole Skunk family is famous, but her longer and somewhat more open flower structure reflect her Sativa ancestors. This White Skunk has an improved taste and smell compared to the typical “Skunk smell”.
The large flowers are covered in resin crystals and have a rich scent reminiscent of a fine bitter-orange liqueur.

type: skunk x white widow
indoor flowering: 50 -55 days
indoor yield: 125 gr
height: 120 -150 cm
buzz: stoned, rather than high
taste / smell: bitter-orange, like fine liqueur


De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised White Widow (5 seeds)

Simply one of the best you can have. Her success is due to the enormous popularity with cannabis lovers around the world. The
plants will give you beautiful thick buds covered with white crystals, as if it was covered with a thin layer of virgin snow. White
Widow is the first choice of many commercial growers, and an ongoing hit in Holland’s coffeshops
type: mostly indica
indoor flowering: 50-65 days
indoor yield: up to 150g
height: 110-150cm
buzz: high with heavy body stone
taste / smell: sweet and fruity


De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised Dwarf Ryder (5 seeds)

This Autoflowering strain is a beautiful plant that remains small and does not need a specific light cycle to come to bloom. Dwarf Ryder will grow from seed to harvest in under 10 weeks, indoor, outdoor, on your balcony or in the city park, anywhere you want to grow it, it will grow and flourish. When planted in spring Dwarf
Ryder will give you steady growth and flowering up to early August. Even in regions as north as Canada, Sweden or Finland it will grow and produce similar yields. With its great natural high and fresh pine / citrus taste Dwarf Ryder is a variety worth trying.

type: northern light x ruderalis
indoor flowering: 45 -60 days
outdoor flowering: june -september
indoor yield: 100 gr
outdoor yield: 20 -30 gr / plant
height: 50 -90 cm
buzz: natural high
taste / smell: pine / citrus


De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised Crystal Ryder (5 seeds)

Crystal Ryder is truly a second generation Autoflowering strain. By Crossing the original Low Ryder with the Brazilian Hybrid Santa Maria, a variety was created that will grow slightly bigger than the Dwarf Ryder and will give a strong and exotic high with a taste that will remind you of tropical fruits. Growing Crystal Ryder is easy, and can be done anywhere you like, indoor, outdoor, on the balcony, whichever you prefer. You can harvest in under 10 weeks, without needing a separate room, or any specific light cycle.

type: low ryder 1 x santa maria
indoor flowering: 42 -56
outdoor flowering: +/-9 weeks from seed to harvest
indoor yield: 100 gr
outdoor yield: 30 -60 gr / plant
height: 40-80 cm
buzz: strong and exotic high
taste / smell: exotic fruit


De Sjamaan Seeds Feminised Widow Ryder (5 seeds)

The 2 most important characteristics for the Widow Ryder are her Autoflowering ability and the shiny resin crystals that will cover her flowers like a blanket of virgin snow. All autoflowering Cannabis starts flowering due to the age of the plant, not to a specific light
cycle. This gives the Widow Ryder many big advantages for indoor as well as outdoor growing. Widow Ryder seeds produce plants that will start to flower when 6 to 9 sets of adult leaves have formed ( normally between 6-8 weeks in good growing conditions). Widow Ryder is not a real dwarf variety. You can expect the final height of the plants to be around 1 meter. When grown outside, Widow Ryder seeds can be started up in early spring to make sure that they will flower in June or July (when the weather is expected to be best) so they will be ready in
early September. The buds will be covered with sticky resin and will give a sweet and spicy citrus aroma. You will experience a strong body stone that is softened by a breezy high.

type: Low Ryder x White Widow
indoor flowering: 45 -50 days
outdoor flowering: june -september
indoor yield: 150 gr
outdoor yield: 60 -80 gr / plant
height: 90 -120 cm
buzz: strong body stone softened by breezy high
taste / smell: spicy sweetness with earthy citrus