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Positronics Seeds Cum Laude Female (5 seeds)


Cum Laude borns as an acknowledgement to Mr. Antonio Escohotado, for his priceless work normalizing the cannabis scene. Teacher, philosopher, writer... he's one of the big thinkers of the XX century, and is considered one of the pioneers in the fight for the cannabis users' rights.


Cum laude is a triple hibridisation of pure sativas. Some elite clones were given to us with the intention of working to creat a stable line of pure sativa.

(Queen mother X Tijuana) X original Haze
Physiological description

Will grow very fast from the very beginning with a typical fir pattern. Pruning during growth will change this pattern to a candelabrum. That's why we advise to shorten the growing period. Long internodal distance with a strong structure that will keep with the weight of the big flowers. Average amount of leafs, extremely thin of a light green color. Buds will look like thick and dense wheatstalks, covered with an oily layer of tricomes.

AROMA: The living plant smells aniseed with lavender notes. Complex aroma that will develop acquiring deepest notes of coffee and exotic species. Dry flowers will sharpen these and will impregnate the room. We will easily recognise it due to its singularity.
SABOR: EUREKA! This is the point, sativa lovers... Long lasting flavour with many terpenes and terpenoids (pinonello, limonello...) if you don't like it we can say you don't like sativas. Strong earthy notes with hotspicy sensations. Extreme dry mouth and flavour that last for long.
EFFECT: Inmediate clean high, long and pleasurant, where the mind accelerates and can lead to high creative moments. Without a doubt, a haze that will amuse the exotic sativa lovers.


Indoor: Avoid the growing period and start straight with the 12/12 photoperiod, in fact we need to take care of its height. After 35 days it'll start showing the first flowers and in 45 days more will be ready for harvest. Will develop a big central cola that will be better tied to a bamboo stick. High nitrogene nutrition will avoid early yellowing of the leaf, and ph level checking becomes necessary. High moisture levels tolerated and resistant to fungus.

OUTDOOR: For a discrete growing, sow as late as possible. The ventilated flower will tolerate high humidity levels. Will fully develop with plenty of sun. In a satisfactory cultivation will produce big long colas of flowers that will make you the king of sativas.
Outdoor sowing: June-july
harvest: outdoor: end of october
harvest: indoor: 75-80 days


Positronics Seeds Purple Haze 1 Female (5 seeds)


It was born at the end of 70s in the USA, became famous thanks the Jimy Hendrix song. That variety is an ancient of the Positronics' Purple Haze#1, in fact at the beginning it had middle-high psychoactiveness and minimum production. The Hazes were too pure to bloom and they couln't finish to grow up till the end; but it was the variety most smoked in Woodstock. During these years Positronics maintains this variety as a secret, but now, after 40 years, sells it on the market recreating the spirit of hippy's generation.

Vigorous plant, stalks not big with purple tonalities. Long distance among the internodes, with Claustrum's model of growth: branches' distribution as fir-tree or candlestick, to optimate the bunches of flowers' production. It produces an average quantity of  large toothed thin leaves. The flowers take purple tints with nuances from violet to amaranth, giving an unique polycrome in this variety, a visual pleasure. It will be the queen of your garden!

AROMA: inebriant flavour between incense and canella, softly acid but very particular.
TASTE: a revolution of the myth skunk. Impacted expecially for its high taste and at the same time so sweet and acid. In its complex taste you can appreciate tonalities from sweet to spicy with an incesed aftertaste on palate lasting in the time.
EFFECT: Instantaneous effect typical sativa, where the creativity can flow unsuspectly. Purple Haze#1 produces a strange and lovely sensation in which seems that the object and your own body flow, at the moment that a mysterious purple fog overflows everything.... remember that the neophytes shouldn't like this effect!

Purple Haze#1 takes large dimensions and needs sustainments to support its heavy branches. It will need a lot of space for the roots and much water, so it isn't a plant for balcony or terraces. Outdoor, due to its long vegetative period, you can wait june-july to plant it reducing its vigorous, anyway you can make a mid-high pinching(cutting). Indoor we recommend to put it rapidly in bloom avoiding problems of space. It's necessary the use of ventilators to obtain an optimate blooming.
THC 22% CBD 0,2%  
OUTDOOR 25-30 october  
INDOOR 70 days
YIELD: 350gr / plant 400 gr/m2



Positronics Seeds Claustrum Female (5 seeds)


It picks you up in a medieval cathedral. Claustrum is our rarest creature of sativa's. It's a three band-cross among heterozygous families: Kali Mist, Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer. The first cross was done between Super Silver Haze and Kali Mist. The plant selected expressed at 50% its parents. This super-sativa hybrid was crossed with one of the best varieties of the history: Jack Herer. The result, CLAUSTRUM, is the fusion of the best sativas' of the world.

Claustrum is a plant much vegetative, able to surprise the most expert farmers. Indoor it can absorb 100.000 lumen per mq (600), so it can grow up till 1m of height; outdoor, with a good substrate can reach the 5m. For this reason we recommended to optimize the light. Its growth is like a fir-tree or a candlestick. Long distance among the inter-nodes, perfect distribution of branches, permitting a great air circulation of the sprouts. It produces unlimited number of cuttings and an average amount of very large leaves. During the flowering time it produces big leafstalks.

AROMA: It's difficult forgive the Haze' smell: complex mix of incensed flavours reminding the sensations felt in a church. Smoking it, the aroma increases so much that  is like being in a convent.
TASTE: With a touch of pine and eucalyptus on the palate, as the strongest incense. For sure one of the best sativa's tastes.
EFFECT: Euphoric and very stimulant. Recommended to enjoy free-time. Making the harvest at the right moment the THC will be maximum and the CBD minimum, causing a psychedelic effect.

Talking about its feeding Claustrum is surely a devourer, it tolerates high subministration of fertilizer, it can become a very big plant. When you sow it mind the space it will need. At the last two weeks of blooming it's recommended to move the lamp as nearer as possible to the plant to increase the powerful of  light; then dozen of little horns appear on the sprouts, character of pure sativa.

THC 21% CBD 0,1%
OUTDOOR  1-5 November
INDOOR 80 days
YIELD: 600gr /plant 500 gr/m2

Strong sativa hybrid. Very productive. Strong psychoactive sensation. Tangerine-flavoured.


Positronics Seeds Critical 47 Female (5 seeds)


Great hybridisation between two of sweetest varieties on the market: Critical Mass and AK47. It results the perfectional development of skunk. Crossing between them we was able to increase also more the old taste of skunk.


Medium-high dimension with toothed thin and light-green leaves, short distance among internodes. It produces great quantity of cuttings due to the branched out growing. At the third week of blooming you can see the powerful of production and the precociousness of this plant. It's a great producer also in the lateral branches.

AROMA: The green flowers have a strong flavour of mango and peach, with a soft remind of vanilla.
TASTE: The aroma is strongly beared fruit, half mango and half peach. At the end the vanilla's touch will surprise you. We challenge to try it!
EFFECT: Powerful and strongly indica effect; with meditative or relaxing character. Smoking it, swiftly the dryness of mouth appears and the appetite could increase a lot. 


We advise to increase the period of growth to obtein the size you want. Critical#47 doesn't required much  fertilizer, but it could soon become yellow in case of lack of nutrition(NPK). We recommend to sow it in biological system to increase the aroma and taste. The farming required carbon-filters, or your neighborough will become curious!


THC 15-18% CBD 0,3%  
OUTDOOR end of september 
INDOOR 50-55 days
YIELD: 500gr /plant 400 gr/m2



Positronics Seeds Amnesia Mistery Female (5 seeds)


Discover the mistery. AMNESIA MISTERY is a step forward in the development of the newest sativa genetics. Our best selected AMNESIA clon was crossed with a misterious male coming from the greenest California valleys. As a result of that breeding you have an enormous size plant with one of the best buds never seen before. A delicious sativa for the experienced growers.

Big enormous growing. Its strong structure allows the plant to develop more branches than the average, producing lots of flowers besides the typical big cola on top. Needs a lot of space to grow, and will be the biggest plant of the garden. In addition to this, is very resistant to the fungus attack.

AROMA: Before harvest it will smell like  pine-tree woods, with menthol touches. Once the bud is dry will appear a spicy like aroma with tasty notes of coffee and licorice.

FLAVOR: Initial acid notes with a feeling of spice and wood. Degustamos notas iniciales  de acidez con matices de ebanistería y sensación picante. In the retronasal phase we will strongly notice the strong incense background. Vibrant ending, great persistance with a nice citrics touch.

EFFECT: Amnesia Mistery is of a strong brainy effect, with a enlightning high that lead to an easy smile, taking us to the paradise of hedonism. A clear and inmediate high that will wake up our imagination brightly. Recommended for the artistic recreation. The choice of the ultimate growers.

INDOOR: It's advised to grow 12/12 photoperiod from seedling, due to its enormous growing. In tiny spaces a pruning will be necessary. Recommended for spaces with moist issues.
OUTDOOR: Will have to sow late due to its enormous size, if discretion needed. Pruning will be necessary. Will need space for a full development. Great for wet places like seashore or the mountains.


THC 21% CBD 0,3%  
OUTDOOR  15 - 20 october
INDOOR  82-90 days
YIELD:  800gr / plant 400 -500 gr/m2



Positronics Seeds Supercheese Female (5 seeds)

Comercial strain of a big name. Will take you to the skunk ancestors, with a strong and penetrating smell like old cheese. Easy cultivation.


Will take you back to the old school flavours, this old skunk will amaze everybod. To keep the cheese touch and remain those old flavours, we hibridated this plant with another homonimous clon of a different origin, achieving great stability. The results are great: strong remarkable flavour cheesy like, with a strong  and nice aftertaste and a very big crop.

Strong plant with a fir pattern, tends to be bushy and medium size. Great for a big crop in places where height is a problem. The flowers will be covered in resin looking almost white. Big and thick flowers, with few tiny leaf of a light green that can reach magenta when cropping.

AROMA: Old aroma from the 80's, typical from the first coffeeshops. Bittersweet touch. Dense and strong smell that remembers of old cheese. Share this old flavour with the pioneers.
FLAVOUR: strong flavour that impregnates your mouth from the very first puff, with a bitter-milky sensation next to the cheese from where it takes its name.
EFFECT: Relaxing sensorial sensation. Great for medical uses.

INDOOR: Versatile plant, suitable for most places and of an easy growing. Very very smelly.

OUTDOOR: Big needs of sunlight, will be better in a south orientated place. Will need to be tied up to avoid the branches to broke down with the weight of the heavy buds.

Great for resins and oil extractions, that will multiply the flavour and aroma of the flowers. 
THC 15-18% CBD 0,3%   
OUTDOOR 8-15 october  
INDOOR 65-69 days
YIELD: 450/500gr per plant  350/400 gr/m2



Positronics Seeds Somango 47 Female (5 seeds)

This plant is called to be a classic, though maybe it already is. Massively tested thanks to YERBA magazine, now we launch the commercial version forced by people's pressure. So called in the forums as "THE BEAST, now you can find out why.

Somango#47 is a combination of the two plants most productive and strong we have selected for years. Is a new generation hybrid that was massively tested in colaboration with YERBA Magazine. Our web colapsed with messages and photos, and was named THE BEAST in the forums. Somango#47 is called to be a classic, though maybe it already is.

From seedling it will amaze with a compact development and an exhibition of its particular beauty. Shows an interesting complexity in the branches structure and development. Will get a bushy round like form, aquiring great volume very early. It has a very short internodal distance that will form strong branches that will keep up with the weight of the big flowers. The size and colour of the leaves are something noticeable.

AROMA: Elegant sensation of fruity liquor with burnt notes to even earth and stone touch. Its dense and sweet smoke will make full use of the room for a while, creating a sensational atmosphere.

FLAVOUR: energic attack and surrounding flavour, we notice a thick and velvet sweetness that will last long.

EFFECT: Strong and fast euphoric sensation, clear for a predominant indica. Long lasting, the desired effect of the indica growers.

Owe to the big buds size and the spectacular thickness they will reach, it is advised to watch the room conditions to avoid moistness or it will lead to a fungus development.

Indoor: Sowing 14  or 16 plants per m2 it's a good strain to grow straight 12/12 from seedling. Very productive strain for homeboxes and small places.

Outdoor: You will get the most of it outdoors, that's when the BEAST is awoken. Enormous strong plant that will make a lot of big buds covered with sugar. In biological grow this plant will captivate the grower with its powerfull smell and fruity flavour.

OUTDOOR  end of september
INDOOR  65-68 days
YIELD: 600/800gr per plant  525 gr/m2



Positronics Seeds Caramelice Female (5 seeds)

Sweet flawour you will fall in love with. Big colas of flowers. Medium high, psicoactive.

THC: 16% CBD: 0,2%


The skunk's varieties supposed a successful for the cannabis cultivation. Its citric flavour and taste fascinated hundreds of thousands of farmers, whom continue to fill the gardens of these qualities. Positronics has created a Skunk for the XXI century. Caramelice captures the aroma and taste of its parents, but it's more resistant to fungus attacks but its flowering is more precociousness, an handicap of skunk variety.

Thin stalks with short distance among inter-nodes, much quantity of toothed thin and light-green leaves. During the flowering the plant will fill up of long and large scares, it's now that the powerful appears: we advise you!! Around the 5^ weeks will appear the typical orange nuance and the chalices will be cover of  Tricomis. It forms big towers of compact sprouts called “PENIS DONKEY”. The orange flavour will increase!

AROMA:  Orange, lime, lemon... Whole family of citric content in a variety of cannabis. Surprisingly, its aroma. It's very commercial because everybody likes it. In Holland and England it was the most cultivated throughout all one decade.

TASTE: It's something like eating a slice of orange. Maybe a dream will become reality for each farmers.

EFFECT: Euphoric, middle psychoactive and relaxing sensation. It increases the appetite.


The growth shouldn't be exaggerate because the branches aren't so resistant, we recommend to use networks to support the weight of the flowers. It requires the use of anti-odour and the continue use of ventilators to ventilate up to the huge bunches of flowers. Which help to maintain an average humidity, very important for Skunk. Caramelice supports well the high temperature but doesn't tolerate temperature less of 12°C. It doesn't need much fertilizer but needs a constant PH. At the last week you can irrigate with the subministration in the water of sugar of natural origin, like fructose (fruit), cellulose (beet), glucose(black sugar cane).

THC 16% CBD 0.2%   
INDOOR 70 days
YIELD: 350-400gr per plant  400 gr/m2



Positronics Seeds Blue Rhino Female (5 seeds)

Colour, aroma and taste bring you in a wood. Soothing effect, medicinal use..
THC: 21% CBD: 0,1%

Blue Rhino is the result of selections among hundreds of plants, a classic creation process that guarantees one of the strongest and best hybrid that the expertest farmers asked. Blue's gene: it was selected an original female from British Columbia for its unique organoleptic properties to give flavour and aroma of blueberry and gooseberry. Rhino's gene: known for its medicinal quality almost soporific, due to high content of CBD. We are satisfied to have created a perfect hybridisation among Afghan, Brazilian and Indian plants.

Blue Rhino captures much of the Blue's qualities, even during the flowering it has nuances from light blue to red. Its aspect is not common, with a very big central sprouts. It doesn't grow up too much, due to the indica component and it produces less quantity of leaves, even if there are very big. Minimum distance among the nodes, its strong branches can support the weight of its huge bunches of flowers.

AROMA:  The Rhino's are very different by the Blue variety, producing as result the fusion of the characteristic aromas of purest indica, gooseberry and blueberry.
TASTE: The fusion of these varieties produces a unique taste of noble wood, spices and berries. Without doubts a new taste will surprise you!
EFFECT: Strongly medicinal, relaxing and soothing due to high content of CBD. Recommended to enjoy free-time or in chill out ambient.

Blue Rhino needs much space to develop its roots system. Indoor, during the flowering, it doesn't grow up a lot. To see the Blue influence (colour, aroma,taste) we recommend to decrease the temperature at the last two weeks of  blooming. Outdoor: with a longer sun exposition Blue Rhino produces the bigger sprouts of your garden. We advise Blue Rhino to produce hashish, because  it  produces many tricomes  with a rich quality and light blue nuances. You'll be Surprised!

THC 16% CBD 1,9%
OUTDOOR  1-10 octuber
INDOOR  60 days
YIELD: 500gr /plant  550-600 gr/m2



Positronics Seeds Black Widow Female (5 seeds)

almost pure indica with a menthol-flavoured. Relaxing effect. Recommended to a medicinal use.
THC: 19% CBD: 0,3%


Slightly endogenous cross between excellent indica varieties. Genetic Misty has revolutionized the 80s. The origin of this variety is anonymous, however seen the high concentration of CBD Positronics decided to conserve it and import it from USA. In the mid-90s appeared on the market a variety called White Widow, that became one of the rarest varieties. Positronics decided to cross the two recommending a medicinal use, due to the high concentration of CBD.


Plant apparent robust, compact and highly branched. Short distance between the inter-nodes with large woody branches, very large leaves with nerves clearly defined. It has a moderate amount of leaves and maximum quantity of  sprouts of extreme hardness, which are valued a lot by the commercial growers. Outdoor it can grow up till 1,5-2m of height. Indoor it hardly reaches the meter. It doesn't tolerate high humidity at the late blooming. It resists satisfactionally to the wounds in general.

AROMA: It emanates a strong smell of flowers mixing fresh menthol and ground of wood. Really, it's a touch of floral explosion. It's necessary use an active carbon filter.

TASTE: An unforgivable mentholated after-taste remains on your palate. Without doubts it's a delikatessen for gourmet.

EFFECT:strongly soothing and relaxing, with high content of CBD. For sure it's one of the best variety for medicinal use.  Its hilarious use is recommended in the evening with an introspective character.

Black Widow doesn't tolerate much quantity of fertilizer. For the medical use is advised the cultivation into biological system. Into hydroponic systems it doesn't overcome 1,6 EC, here it has a great diversity of food that causes the dark-green leaves, giving the name of  “Black Widow”.

THC 19% CBD 0,3%
OUTDOOR   5-10 October
INDOOR 55/66 days
YIELD: 300gr / plant 400 gr/m2


Positronics Seeds Jack Diesel Female (5 seeds)

Positronics Jack Diesel comes from two pillars of the Cannabis world that crossed together and produced a variety that reaches and exceeds the origins. The strength of one of the most popular hybrid in the world, Jack Herer, added to the power of the legendary NY City Diesel.
A strong and vigorous plant, with a growing pattern typically Indica that becomes Sativa at the time of flowering.  When enlarges its lateral branches are filled with large numbers of little but strong satellite buds resin coated around the magnificent central cola.   It's cannabis seeds produces an aroma with complex tones of noble wood, with hints of flowers and fruit.
Jack Diesel generates a powerful high strongly psychoactive, those much sought after by lovers of the Sativa.
At the beginning it seems relaxing, but quickly becomes exciting. Jack Diesel needs a large tank for the developed root system. Very important to control the pH of water daily irrigation.

Indica 80% Sativa 20%

High Very strong up high

Flowering 60 - 70 days

Height 100 - 120 cm

Yield 400 - 500 grams per m2


Positronics Seeds Grapefruit Female (5 seeds)

INTERIOR: 50-55 days.  350-450gr/m2 

EXTERIOR: October 5-10.  300-400gr/planta

THC: 18% CBD: 0.5%

GENEALOGY: C99 x Thai x ..??


 His legend differs according to sources.  Some say it comes from backcrosses of jack herer.  Other that is the result of combining NLxSkunk1xAfghani.  We doubt greatly on these indications, as we found no resemblance to their ancestors.
  This fact makes it even more special, rare and valuable the original clone.  Unanimously chose this gene play primarily by smell, taste and quality of the final product.
  Organoleptic features exclusive original clone possessing this should not be lost or diluted, so it is decided to use a technique known as Inbreeding or interesting selfing and maintain their organoleptic characteristics intact and unchanged with some seeds elite clone S1 Original


 Plant very few branches since its inception, with strong main stem will not need reinforcements.  Presents moderate medium sized leaves.  Flowers show great deal of intense orange hairs.
  Develop a large central bud and some orbital or peripheral branches.


 AROMA: Heady and sweet, in that order.  Her perfume love to neophytes and graduates in the field.
  TASTE: powerful combination of citrus fruits, predominantly bitter taste, hence its name.
  EFFECT: Amazing.  Feeling euphoric and active with subtle connotations of sativa. 


Positronics Seeds Afghan Express Female (5 seeds)

Her origins rooted in the middle east give this plant big size and strength, amazing for an autoflowering.Taste of afghan hash, if you want a fast crop ride this magic carpet for an arabian nights experience

Afghan Express, is a 3rd generation autoflowering strain developed to astonish everybody with her power. Our afghani parental was an old Wernard clon, selected for its great THC/CBD ratio. We hibridated it with our best ruderallis and the descent was self crossed for generations to get a stable automatic strain of a big size and high cannabinoids percentage.

Typical afghan plant structure: strong and with many long branches, fat leafs of a dark green colour. The buds are of a big size and completely covered with resin, will amaze any grower. You can make an automatic monster out of this plant. If you sow in may, will fully develop making growers doubt wether it's really an autoflowering strain.

AROMA: Strong smell like afghan hash. Touches of moss and coffee.
FLAVOUR: Tastes like the best afghan, with complex notes of honey and leather.
EFFECT: Pleasurant and relaxing, enjoy this trip to the middle east.


INDOOR: It's advised to keep a 18/6 or 20/4 photoperiod from seed to harvest. Big pot is a must, 10 ltrs or bigger, to handle the strong growing of this plant. You can keep a little size shortening the photoperiod a few hours from the 5th week.

OUTDOOR. Better sow in spring. Its development is close to conventional strains. Grow in good soil in a sunny place and sowing in may will challenge the height of other indica strains. Can reach up to 2 m, which means a remarkable size for an automatic. Very recommended to extract resin from the leafs (and buds also) for its big amount of tricomes.

THC 15-18% CBD 0,3%

INDOOR  70-79 days 
YIELD: 100gr per plant  100 gr/m2



Positronics Seeds Critical Express Female (5 seeds)

gOur automatic version of the winner critical mass has all the caracteristics that made it famous: smell, flavour, big crop... AT LEAST! autoflowerings of great size and effect. 


 Our most award winning strain in cups is CRITICAL#47. After a long way of hard work and many testings, we crossed the mother used in it with our Low ryder II to get a stable automatic strain. As a result, a big automatic plant with great aroma and a taste not easy to find amongst the automatic strains nowadays.

 The main feature of this plant, apart from its strength growing, is to reach a big size with a little internodal distance. Besides it develops many side branches that will give more flowers. These flowers are big and thick just like the widely known critical mass.

AROMA: Mainly citrical. Energic and expressive notes that will surprise everyone.

FLAVOUR: Fruity flavour, clean bouquet, long lasting and a mouth dryer.

EFFECT: Strong physical and mind relaxation. For those moment when you want to run from the "express" of life.

 INDOOR: For an optimum development it's advised to give her 18 or 20 hours of light. A big pot, more than 7 l is recommended. Using bigger pots will increase the crop. Will be ready for harvest in 65 or 70 days from seed. Amazing fast growing.

OUTDOOR. Best grow in spring. Can reach a size around 0,90 and 1,20 m.

THC 12-15% CBD 0,2%   
INDOOR  65-68 days 
YIELD: 40-100gr per plant  40-100 gr/m2



Positronics Seeds Mayday Express Female (5 seeds)

Our first automatic strain still satisfies the impatient grower. Quick and discrete. 

MayDay express is the result of crossing our fast and compact 80's Misty, with receptive females of Low Ryder#2. 

Compact plant that reminisce of a little christmass tree. Short internodal distance with tiny leaf, will keep green and healthy easily. The final height and size vary depending on the time of sowing and the size of the pot, but willl hardly reach the meter. Great for the urban discrete growing. 

AROMA: Soft acidic smell with lemon and fruit notes, will sharpen in biological cultivations.

FLAVOUR: Sensetions of lemon and cinnamon with a soft flavour that will last.

EFFECT: Light with euphoric sensation. Recommended for non-heavy users or to combine smoking with other activities. 

INDOOR:  For an optimum development it's advised to give her 18 or 20 hours of light. A big pot, more than 7 l is recommended. Using bigger pots will increase the crop. Will be ready for harvest in 65 or 70 days from seed. Amazing fast growing.

OUTDOOR. The best sowing time is in may, that's where her name comes from. Plants will be ready 2 months after. Height will be around 60 and 120 cm in the best conditions. Will depend  on the light received, size of the pot and quantity and quality of the watering. If sow after may can also be satisfactory and increase the quality. Do not expose to cold.

THC 12-15% CBD 0,2%   
OUTDOOR 60-65 days 
INDOOR   65-68 days
YIELD: 50-80gr per plant  40-100 gr/m2



Positronics Seeds Northern Haze Express Female (5 seeds)


Positronics Seeds Supercheese Express (5 seeds)


Positronics Seeds Jack Diesel Express (5 seeds)


Positronics Seeds Critical 47 Express (5 seeds)