* Ph & Ec Equipment

Always add kcl storage fluid or ph4 to your ph meters after use for maximum lifespan. Do not let your probe dry out.

Bluelab Combo Meter Ph and EC

Bluelab Ph Meter

Bluelab Guardian Monitor Ph-Ec-Temperature

Bluelab Replacement PH Electrode

Bluelab Ec Truncheon

Bluelab Ec Nutrient Monitor

Bluelab Ph Meter Soil

Bluelab Soil Ph Pen

Bluelab Ec Probe Cleaning Kit

Bluelab Ph Pen

Bluelab Ec Pen

Bluelab Ph 7.0 Fluid 500 ml

Bluelab Ph 4.0 Fluid 500 ml

Milwaukee Sharp Ph meter waterproof

Milwaukee Sharp ec meter Waterproof

Ec 1.4 Fluid

Ec 12.88 Fluid

Ph 4.1 Fluid

Ph 7.0 Fluid

Storage Fluid Kcl

Adwa Ec Meter

Adwa Ph Meter