Plants that grow up outside their natural environment do not have enough soil and water. Giving nutrients is therefore necessary for a healthy plant.

HY-PRO delivers a unique range of products for an exuberant growth and flowering. Originating from intensive research and over 30 years of experience, our products are valued worldwide for its high quality and simplicity in use. Our liquid fertilizers are carefully formulated, so that you do not need dozens of different products.

The explanation for success is simple: by using only the very best raw materials, we are able to create a superior and complete fertilizer for you, where we also create the possibility, if you would like to, add your own extra booster, trace elements, or stimulators.

For HY-PRO, making liquid fertilizers is a profession, which means; Lots of experimenting and a lot of patience. We know the factors that make you feel like no other that translates into our practical and successful product range.

Hy-pro Terra

Hy-pro Hydro A/B 5 liter

Hy-pro PH- 1 liter

Hy-pro Root Stimulator Terra


Hy-pro Spraymix


Hy-pro Epic Bloom Terra 250ml