Sensi Seeds Fruity Juice (10 seeds)

Eine Indica-Sativa-Kreuzung vom allerfeinsten. Beide Seiten des Indica und Sativa-Spektrums kommen in dieser Sorte vollständig zum Ausdruck. Die süßriechenden Aspekte kommen von unserer allerbesten Thai. Anfänglich war es schwierig, mit dieser edlen Sorte zu arbeiten, aber schließlich haben wir die ideale Kreuzung gefunden. Von diesen Pflanzen sind hohe Erträge und Spitzen mit einem außerordentlich reichen und süßen Aroma zu erwarten.
Flowering: 50-60 days. Height: 140-180 cm. Yield: up to 150 gr.
Flowering in greenhouse: end of October. Yield in greenhouse: up to 750 gr

As definitive examples of the Sativa and Indica genotypes, prized cultivars from Thailand and Afghanistan represent opposite ends of the psychoactive cannabis spectrum. Attaining the perfect balance between pure Afghani Indica and pure Thai Sativa was a goal that took a very long time to achieve, even by the extra-patient standards of cannabis breeders. The unpredictable nature of the first experimental Thai-Afghani crossings listed in early seed catalogues made them difficult to work with. Identifying the ideal combination of parent-plants required generations of testing, selection and examination of thousands of seed offspring. It took until 1995 to isolate the two very special individuals which would consistently produce the fusion of Indica and Sativa qualities we had in mind.

The result is Sensi Seeds’ gorgeous Fruity Juice strain – a Thai-Afghani f1 hybrid of impeccable breeding which strongly expresses both its Indica and Sativa heritage. The mere sight of these tall, elegant ladies in bloom, bending slightly under their payloads of long, candied buds confirms that the time and effort devoted to this strain was very well spent. Fruity Juice is a large-leafed, thick-stemmed, powerhouse of a plant that’s bursting with fragrance, power and hybrid vigour. She can be a first-class producer under lights, even at the smaller sizes favoured by indoor growers. If grown in a sunny greenhouse or outdoors in locations below 42°N and allowed to reach her full height of 2-3m, Fruity Juice can produce truly staggering harvests of running, super-dense flower clusters brimming with flavour and potency.

Well grown Fruity Juice buds are slick with gummy resin and exude a unique yet strangely familiar sugared flavour that must be smoked to be believed. Aside from the obvious flavour-comparison, the best description of Fruity Juice’s exquisite bouquet we’ve heard is “tropical charas”. \

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