Online Gardenshop Aliën wants to be the new standard in the world of onlineshops and because of that goal also set a new high standard. Not only do we try our hardest to deliver the goods as fast as possible but also actually deliver them. You can count on us before-during and after purchase.

Online Gardenshop Aliën can relate to the feeling to wait for an order U already paid for and the sooner U receive your package, the sooner U can have a big smile on your face.  That's why Online Gardenshop Alien ensures a fast order processing.

Why would you want to buy with Online Gardenshop Aliën? For starters we are using the market leader in the world today to deliver our products, which results in the fact that our products are delivered worldwide within two weeks. The biggest advantage for the customer is that each package gets a tracking code. This opens the possibilty for you to check up on your order if you wish to do so. Unfortunatly this is only possible for European customers. We deliver within 3-7 days to all European countries.

We do not see our online shop as a business only but more as a service for everyone that wants to get his hands on quality growing equipment and related.  We treat our online customers as if they were in our shop themselves in a friendly helpfull way.

Online Gardenshop Alïen has taken the time to show high quality pictures of our products aswell.  We don't just want to sell products but also give as much information about them as possibly can about them.