Cannolator Home Hemp Oil Extractors DIY CBD Oil is the product of choice for the budding DIY extraction enthusiast who wishes to make hemp extract or any legal plant extract from the comfort of their own home....


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Cannolator Complete Kit

Cannolator Home Hemp Oil Extractors DIY CBD Oil - Complete Kit is the product of choice for the budding DIY extraction enthusiast who wishes to make hemp extract or any legal plant extract from the comfort of their own home. In doing this you can become your own artisan producer of fine plant extracts to your specification, you decide on the strength and ingredients of your own plant extract oils.  In using the Cannolator  you will achieve a fast delivery time on your end product with an approximate finish time of 2 hours from start to finish and an accurate strength that can be replicated time and again giving you complete product control and purity & clarity.

Using the Cannolator also will cut down on Alcohol / solvent consumption by up to 50% due to how it's been designed.  We are sure you will enjoy your new hobby plant extraction kit and Cannolator is a popular and reputable brand that will cut your alcohol or solvent use don to a possible 50% reduction saving you money in the long run. Please make sure you read all instructions and follow carefully and remember to use in a well ventilated area if using alcohol.

Plant Ratios for Extraction Purposes

On Average 20 grams of Hemp or legal plant material will provide approximately 2 grams of pure Hemp / plant oil. Product will vary depending on if using plant matter from the leaves or from the flowers or a mix of the two and this pure extract plant or hemp oil can be diluted down with olive oil or hemp seed oil after making it, to make dosing and product application easier.

Please note this product from Cannolator is not intended to be used with Cannabis, this is a plant extraction kit for the hobbyist and amateur enthusiast alike.

You will need to follow a strict process starting with fine well dried hemp flowers buds & leaves  or other plant material in the same state, you will then fill the Cannolator supplied tube with the dry fine plant material. You then turn the Cannolator on and activate the heater while  adding 6x the weight of the plant material or hemp in alcohol, it then slowly evaporates the alcohol If small bubbles appear, the decarboxylation process starts. After about 2 hours a smooth substance remains.

The pure plant extract oil is now ready and now the pure plant extract oil is ready, you can add olive oil or hemp seed oil yourself, so dosing becomes easier and the amount for consumption is easier to determine. Now you know exactly what's in the pure marijuana paste, so you can start blending it with other ingredients to make your own signature strength artisan plant extract blends. Below is a calculation for plant extract dilution. When making pure oil, measure an empty glass and afterwards measure the filled glass with the pure oil. Multiply the weight of the oil you made with the dilution number.

5x dilution = 1 bottle 10ml = normal strength
10x dilution = 2 bottles 10ml = sensible persons
10x dilution = 3 bottles 10ml = maintenance dose

When diluting your plant extract oil it's a good idea to think about taste as the base oil you use will have an effect on the outcome of the flavor. You may have noticed the primary base oil for most CBD oils on the market is hemp seed oil and this is because the tastes pair well together however many people also use extra virgin olive oil or even pumpkin seed oil - experimentation is needed and trying things in small batches may be the way forward until you are happy with what you have made.

Cannolator recommend the use of hemp seed oil as good dilute product for hemp extracts as the taste fits well to this oil and is also full of healthy minerals, fatty acids and vitamins. But ultimately the choice is yours. Plant extracts can be stored for up to a year or more if right conditions are met however the base oil added for example olive oil which can go rancid over time should be considered Fridge use recommended however please Keep in mind though that the viscosity of the oil strongly reduces when you store it in the fridge. Let the cannabis oil therefore always reach room temperature before you use it.

Content of the package:

1 Cannolator Complete Kit
2 extraction tubes of shockproof and heat-resistant borosilicate glass
1 measuring cup 250ml
3x 10cc pipette bottles
1 customized cleaning pen
1 thermometer.
1 Air Pump with hose
1 Baby Bottle Heater