Gold Seal Collection

The Next Generation Seed Company is proud to present our Gold Seal Collection. We are releasing more of our most prized strains and hybrids from our collection. You will never be disappointed in the quality of any of these varieties.

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Gold Seal Grapefruit Diesel (5seeds)

The Diesel chosen for our breeding program is fast flowering and sticky. This hybrid has amazing taste and smell. Good yields and top quality high make this a great choice for any grower. Classic Diesel taste in a fruity Indica plant.

Flowering Indoor: 55 days Outdoor: Oct. 10
Genetics: Grapefruit Indica, Diesel
Structure: Short, branchy

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Gold Seal Grapefruit Kush (5seeds)

The B.C. Kush that we crossed with the Grapefruit is the most classic of old school Afghani Kush strains. Very large rounded buds with a fruity hash taste. A great Indica hybrid for big yields and top quality smoke. Enjoyable smooth creamy smoke with a great high.

Flowering Indoor: 50 days Outdoor: Oct. 5
Genetics: Grapefruit Indica, Afghani Kush.
Structure: Short, classic single cola.
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Gold Seal Grapegod (5seeds)

8 years of breeding went into this strain before being released. Each generation was carefully picked from a large selection of potential parents. Carefully selected for deep flavour, beautiful appearance and very large yields. We know you will enjoy.

Flowering Indoor: 50 days Outdoor: Oct. 1

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Gold Seal Romulan Diesel (5seeds)

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Very distinctive taste and scent. The sour smell that the Diesel is famous for blends great with the Romulan. Very strong cerebral high, with great resin content and a long lasting buzz. Fast growing hybrid that’s hardy and strong indoors, outdoors or greenhouses.

Flowering Indoor: 55 days Outdoor: Oct.15
Genetics: Romulan, Diesel
Structure: Medium, branchy.