Aptus Plant Tech develops and markets fertilizers, soil improvement product, insects repellents and specialty boosters. Aptus Plant Tech offers these products through 3 concepts. Aptus stands for plant care, Insect & Soil Care for soil improvement and insect repellents (biological) and Specialty Booster for specialty boosters

Aptus, Insect & Soil Care and Specialty Booster products have common characteristics:
– Top quality products from the professional greenhouse industry
– Concentrated products
– 100% organic products
– Formulations contain multiple active ingredients
– Certified products

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Aptus Regulator

Aptus Startbooster

Aptus Topbooster

Aptus Enzym

Aptus Super PK

Aptus K-Boost

Aptus N-Boost

Aptus P Boost


Aptus CA-MG Boost

Aptus Fulvic Blast 1 liter

Aptus Humic Blast 1 liter

Aptus System Clean 1 liter

Aptus ALL IN ONE Liquid 1 liter

Aptus Fungone 1 liter

Aptus Micromix Soil 100 gram

Aptus Mycor Mix 100 gram

Aptus Micromix Drip 100 gram

Aptus Bioshark Dislike 100 ml

Aptus Bioshark Soil Attack Liquid 100 ml

Aptus Premium Collection 50 ml

Aptus All in One Pellets Indoor / Outdoor

Aptus Nutri Spray