The Tightvac is a very easy to use vacuum sealed container made from strong durable plastic. The Tightvac will hold its contents air and water tight, its even smell proof. The tightvac has a push button to allow the airtight seal to be broken and the lid removed.

What can you say about perfection? These are the perfect containers! Smell proof – Air Tight and Super Water Resistant – Sucks out air as cap is pushed down, creating a vacuum seal -- Super cool modern design – Keeps food and herbs ultra fresh – Extremly strong and durable – Push button down and pull off.

Med-tainer (container and grinder)

Tightvac TV0 Vitavac 0.06 liter / 5 grams

Tightvac TV1 Minivac 0.12 liter / 10 grams

Tightvac TV2 0.29 liter / 25 grams

Tightvac TV3 0.57 liter / 49 grams

Tightvac TV4 1.3 liter / 112 grams

Tightvac TV5 2.35 liter / 200 grams

TightVac TV6 Kilovac 3.8 liter

Tightvac TV7 Breadvac 10 liter

Spacevac 0.06 liter Solid


GrinderVac 0.07 liter Solid

GrinderVac 0.07 liter Clear