Next Generation Seeds Feminized


Next Generation Seeds Feminized Island Sweet Skunk (5 seeds)


Our strongest smelling strain, powerful high and aroma. Heavy yielding with long buds that may need to be tied up in the last few weeks due to excessive weight. Sativa dominant growth structure with a sweat inducing stone. No vegetation time needed for sea of green growers. Consumer favorite. Californian and Spanish climates have great success outdoors.

Flowering Indoor: 65 days Outdoor: Oct 20
Genetics: Skunk, Grapefruit Indica, mostly sativa
Structure: Tall, large.

Next Generation Seeds Feminized Lemonator (5 seeds)

Special selection of lemon flavoured varieties, with genetics coming from both B.C. Indicas and from Spanish sativas. A very unique blend that we know you will enjoy.

Flowering Time:Indoors - 55-60 days
Outdoors - Oct. 1

Next Generation Seeds Feminized BC Golden Skunk (5 seeds)


High potency British Columbia Skunk selection. High yielding strain with great tasting smoke and sweet aroma's.  Easy to grow in many different grow methods.

Flowering Time:Indoors: 60 days
Outdoors: Oct. 10-20

Next Generation Seeds Feminized BC Early Blueberry (5 seeds)


Fast flowering Blueberry selected over several generations. Strong high and large yields. Thrives indoors or outdoors with dense buds that shine with resin. The taste is more fruity that the typical Blueberry.

Flowering Time:Indoors - 55 days
Outdoors - Oct. 1

Next Generation Seeds Feminized Afghani Kush (5 seeds)

Beautiful pure Indica selection will always provide you with great medicine. Fast flowering and large yielding plants. Sticky and stinky buds.

Flowering Time:Indoors: 45 - 55 days

Outdoors: Sept. 30 - Oct. 5