Bio Nova

Bio Nova has been developing, manufacturing and internationally distributing inorganic and organic fertilisers and plant care products since 1993. Using our extensive expertise based on both research and years of growing experience, we have developed a wide range of excellent products. Our special nutrients, plant stimulants and plant protection products are used in horticulture, at golf courses and other sports facilities, and, of course, by home growers.

Our supply program offers five different lines of nutrients suitable for use by both beginning and advanced home growers. While each of these lines of nutrients has been especially developed for use on various growing media, each of them offers an equally high level of quality, purity and user-friendliness. Nutri Nova and Hydro Supermix were developed for hydroponic cultivation, Soil Supermix for soil cultivation, Coco Nova for growing on a coconut substrate, and NFT Aqua Supermix for medium-free cultivation.

Bio Nova Autoflowering Supermix 1 liter

Bio Nova Longflower Supermix 1 liter

Bio Nova Soil Supermix

Bio Nova Hydro Supermix

Bio Nova NFT-Aqua SuperMix

Bio Nova Coco Forte A+B 5 liter

Bio Nova BN Roots

Bio Nova PK 13-14

Bio Nova X-cel

Bio Nova BN- Zym

Bio Nova The Missing Link

Bio Nova Algae Mix 1 liter

Bio Nova NPK 12-8-11 1 liter

Bio Nova Citric acid 50% 1 liter

Bio Nova K 20 % 1 liter

Bio Nova MGO 10 1 liter

Bio Nova N 27 1 liter

Bio Nova P 20 1 liter

Bio Nova CA 15 1 liter

Bio Nova Spray Mix 250 ml

Buy 1 + 1 Free

Bio Nova Vitasol ( Vitrasol ) 1 liter

Bio Nova PH- 1 liter

Bio Nova FreeFlow (Yucca) 250 ml



Bio Nova Silution 250 ml


Bio Nova Micromix 250 ml

Bio Nova Veganics Grow 1 liter

Bio Nova Veganics Bloom 1 liter