Plagron Universal

The products in this range can be used with all substrates and can be combined with all fertilisers. Keep in mind that every additive works differently in combination with every grow style. One of Plagron's most special additives is Green Sensation. This powerful booster contains 4 different products in just one bottle. By using Green Sensation, you can lower the use of the basic nutrient by 50%. Because of its well-balanced composition Green Sensation provides all the nutrients the plant needs. It ensures profuse flowering and cropping, a hard cell structure and the very best flavour.

Plagron Seedbooster Plus 10 ml

Plagron Pure Enzym

Plagron Start-Up

Plagron Power Roots

Plagron Vita Race (Phytamin) 250ml

Plagron Sugar Royal

Plagron Green Sensation

Plagron Diamond Shield 1 liter

Plagron Lemon Kick 1 liter

Plagron Vita Start 250 ml

Plagron ph - 1 liter

Plagron ph + 1 liter