BIOBIZZ World Wide Organics.

Since 1992 BIOBIZZ has been producing custom soil mixes, natural plant nutrients and additives for organic gardeners. From its legendary origin in Amsterdam to the present day in Groningen, BIOBIZZ is the most experienced and recognized supplier of premium plant food in the Netherlands. The BIOBIZZ distinguished line of pro-environmental fertilizer is ideal for biological production of flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs as well as safely caring for ornamentals, trees and turf. Used on soil, coco-fibre, hydroponics and hydro-organics.

Our mission:
Our philosophy is based on respecting our partners, distributors, our consumers, our suppliers and the environment itself. We prefer quality over quantity and we believe in that our products prove themselves. With superior products, service and support and expertise in the organic and hydroponics industry.

OMRI is a non-profit organization created to ensure and benefit the organic community and the general public. OMRI certification is worldwide recognized as a high standard for Organic manufacturers, distributors and of course for the end consumer. BIOBIZZ is the first Dutch company to be listed for organic production from HOLLAND, with a complete high-end product line offering organic continuity of care for your flowers and veggies.

The SKAL International foundation supervises biological/organic production worldwide. The SKAL International foundation issues the EKO quality mark. Biological/organic products do not contain any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, chemical or synthetic flavours, colours or preservatives. Furthermore products that have been certified by SKAL International may not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO's). Skal International is the only inspection and certification organization that may issue the certification mark, EKO quality symbol, outside the European Union. The consumer can recognize an organic product, inspected and certified by Skal International, by the EKO quality symbol.
Skal International has been authorized as an international inspection and certification organization in the EU member states under the Regulation (EEC) Nr. 2092/91.

With these two certifications BIOBIZZ is the only company in its field to have worldwide recognized certified organic products. So BIOBIZZ stands for real organics produced with respect for nature and the environment itself.

BIOBIZZ would like to remind you that organic crops are regarded as higher quality and eco friendly.
BIOBIZZ makes organics easy.

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