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How it all began…

After 12 years of growing, testing and experimenting with many different varieties, Paradise Seeds was founded in 1994. About 17 years ago in Amsterdam, many coffeeshops started to sell imported hash from India Afghanistan or Morocco and weed from Thailand, Columbia, Mexico or Malawi. Most of this was of poor quality. But things were changing, new types were introduced from the U.S that were early crossbreeds of already higher quality. Since then we got involved in the early research for better quality strains. This took place in Amsterdam and at several outdoor locations in Holland. Our aim was to create better weed, with a sweet / spicy taste and stronger high, for our own use.

This resulted in several new varieties and the seeds were given to a number of people to grow. Due to early pioneers such as ourselves, Dutch cannabis became the best in the world and growing got evermore popular. Also many foreign people realised Dutch cannabis was of the highest quality. They took seeds home, to grow for personal use. At that time our seeds found their way to the people at a local coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

The demand increased and what started as research and experiments for personal knowledge and dedication to the Ganja bush, had become ‘Paradise Seeds’, a reputable seed bank, for growers that demand only genuine and finest quality seeds.

In 1999 we have won the first price with our famous variety Sensi Star in the Highlife Cup, the biggest, objective contest in Holland, for coffeeshops, growshops and seedbanks. Again in 1999 we have won first price in the Hightimes Cannabis Cup with Sensi Star, and got fourth with Nebula! In 2000 we have won second price with Sensti Star again at the Hightimes Cannabis Cup

Paradise seeds maintains strict selection criteria on characteristics such as potency and taste. This results in the creation of powerful strains, that will satisfy everyone who wants to enjoy the sweetest fruits of the Dutch garden of Eden. Our seeds are grown organically and tested regularly on viability. We are dealing with living material, therefore we can not guarantee that all seeds will germinate.

Due to the excellent quality of our seeds and our dedication to the ganja bush, you can soon proudly present your friends with a master smoke!

Note: smoking this grass is at your own risk!
Be aware of the extreme potency,it contains very high THC levels

Paradise Seeds is guaranteed satisfaction and wishes you nothing but the best!


Paradise Seeds Durga Mata (5seeds)

(the mother goddess).

Genetics: This Indica is a cross of two Super Shiva&
Specifics: Selected for the resin (THC) content. This gorgeous plant is mind -blowing, has a unique aroma and herbal spicy flavour, and is easy to grow. You should get to know her.
Flowering time: 50 - 55 days  
Yield per m2: 400 - 450 grams
Yield per plant (outdoors): Approximately 500 grams
Harvest time (outdoors):Beginning of October (at 50º North latitude)
Growing tips: For outdoors, 6 hours a day of direct sun for the best result.

Paradise Seeds Dutch Dragon (10 seeds)

Genetics: Mostly Sativa with a touch of Indica
Specifics: High yields and superb quality on long sticky colas makes this Dragon of Dutch descent a spectacular plant for indoor and outdoor growing. Due to the combination of her sweet taste and strong potency, she is the favourite to many regular smokers.
Flowering time:60 - 65 days
Yield per m2 :400 - 500 grams
Yield per plant (outdoors): 600 grams or more. She can become a tall plant with hundreds of buds. In the tops the flowers are growing densely and abundantly.
Harvest time (outdoors): Middle of October (at 50º
Growing tips: Let her sunbathing all day long and she shows you why she is a dragon

Paradise Seeds Sensi Star (5seeds)

Genetics: One of the strongest Indica’s that you will ever encounter.
Specifics: First price winner in the Highlife Cup 1999, bio indoors and first price winner in the Hightimes Cannabis Cup 1999! She produces powerful, compact buds, crowned with legendary amounts of resin. The dense, strong and characteristic aroma speaks for itself. She is one of worlds finest cannabis strains, and has successfully become the new standard in growing.

Flowering time
: 55 - 60 days
Yield per m2 : 350 - 400 grams
Yield per plant (outdoors): 300 - 400 grams
Harvest time (outdoors): Beginning of October (at 50º N.L.)
Growing tips: Sensi Star doesn’t like high levels of nutrients.

Paradise Seeds Amsterdam Flame (5seeds)

Genetics: Mostly Indica
Specifics: This outstanding plant of excellent quality with her sparkling looks is selected for the lovers of cannabis best. Her wonderful high and soft subtle taste carries us like a summerbreeze, telling tales of mysteries. A plant worthy for the 'canna'seur.
Flowering time: 50 - 56 days
Yield per m2 : 400 - 450 grams
Yield per plant (outdoors): At least 500 grams.
Harvest time (outdoors): 3rd week of October (at 50º N.L.)
Growing tips: Keep her moist and at least 5 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Paradise Seeds Nebula (5seeds)

Genetics: Slightly more Sativa (Haze), then Indica.
Specifics: Winner of the fourth place in the Hightimes Cannabis Cup 1999! Like the name suggests this plant is covered with twinkling shiny THC glands. Her fruity flavour and scent is a delight to even the most experienced smoker. She is bound to get you into the realm of space. Her buzz is typically transcendental and it is known she takes you far beyond your grasp. When you want to join the worlds of nebula, she is waiting to give you universal depth.
Flowering time: 56 - 62 days
Yield per m2 : 450 - 500 grams
Yield per plant (outdoors): 500 to 600 grams
Harvest time (outdoors): Middle of October (at 50º N.L.)
Growing tips: Nebula shows a strong reaction to increase of light, outdoors the more sun, the better

Paradise Seeds Belladonna (10seeds)

Genetics: A cross of Superskunk and a F1 hybrid potent male of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica origin.
Specifics: This mostly Skunk type is a real beauty, with very tight, compact orange buds. This beauty absorbs the light of the world in 60 days. During this blossoming process she develops to maturity. .Her tempting signals are of the kind you want to experience, but be warned, her tripping high is of a hallucinogenic nature.
Flowering time: 55 - 60 days
Yield per m2 : 400 to 450 gram
Yield per plant (outdoors): 400 grams is feasible.
Harvest time (outdoors): Middle of October (at 50º N.L.)
Growing tips: She performs well in a sea of green technique.

Paradise Seeds Sheherazade (5seeds)

Genetics: Her mother is a true Afghan queen , the father a strong handsome king, mostly Sativa.
Specifics: Due to her family heritage, Sheherazade has got the depth from the valleys of Hindu Kush, as well as the soaring highs from the far East. Most of all, the traits of this sultry princess is her heavy musk-like sweetness. Now available for you to enjoy, a ‘thousand and one night’ long-lasting warm caress of breathtaking up high!
Flowering time: 56 - 60 days
Yield per m2 : 350 - 450 grams
Yield per plant (outdoors): 300 to 400 grams
Harvest time (outdoors): Middle of October (at 50º N.L.)
Growing tips: She performs like a queen when you give her devotion, space and enough light. Outdoors, 7 hours a day of direct sunlight is recommended

Paradise Seeds Sweet Purple

Genetics: She is selected from Purple plants, crossed with an early, large yielding Dutch variety, and then, to sweeten her, crossed with a highquality plant with huge amounts of resin.
Specifics: A very strong, rather tall plant with hue’s of purple and pink, that tastes like strawberries. She grows good indoors, and is also perfectly adapted to colder regions such as Holland for outdoor growing. Her early flowering means you can harvest fat colas before the "bad" weather starts.
Flowering time: 56 - 60 days
Yield per m2 : 350 - 400 grams
Yield per plant (outdoors): 500 grams (half a kilo) is feasible.
Harvest time (outdoors): End of September, beginning of October (at 50º N.L.)
Growing tips: When grown indoors, induce flowering early, after 1 week to 10 days vegetative state.

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Paradise Seeds Swiss Bliss (5seeds)

A wonderful mostly Sativa variety, abundant in growth, that flavoures a mix of tropical fruits. The branching pattern makes her ideal for pruning.
This means you can put less plants per square meter as you would have in a sea of green setup, and still be able to harvest a terrific yield of very nice sticky buds on several branches, within approximately 9 weeks of flowering.
When smoked you feel ecstatic and joyful, really high!!
Suitable environments: Indoors. Outdoors in subtropical and temperate climates from 15º - 47º Northern and Southern latitude.
Yield per m2 (indoors): minimum 400 grams
Yield per plant (outdoors): up to 1000 grams
Harvest time (outdoors): end October early November (Northern latitude)
Growing tips: This one needs a bit more space.

Paradise Seeds Magic Bud (10 seeds)

Magic Bud is the finest blend of Indica and Sativa, which makes her into an easy to grow bud bomb. The floral and aromatic taste makes her smooth to smoke with a body relaxing effect, combined with a pleasant Sativa cerebral high.
This plant of fine stature produces beautiful nugs in a relatively short time, approximately 50 days indoors.
Many commercial growers would like to have this plant in their gardens, not only for its high yield and short flowering time, but also for her quality which is beyond many commercial strains.

Suitable environments: Indoors. Outdoors from 15º - 50º Northern and Southern latitude.
Yield per m2 (indoors): 500 grams
Yield per plant (outdoors): at least 500 grams
Harvest time (outdoors): Middle of October (Northern latitude)

Paradise Seeds Sugar Babe (10 seeds)

This variety is a true beauty. Powerful as an Indica plant can be with compact full buds powdered white as snow alike the Alp mountaintops where she was developed. Inherited from her partly Afghani background, she is well adapted to the outdoor. The smoke is very distinctive and fresh, a bit lemon like with some metal taste to it. Her energetic and uplifting effect makes you feel like doing fun things, such as skiing.
Good yields indoors and outdoors, approximately 400 grams on compact sugar dipped, 30 cm long buds.
Suitable environments: Indoors. Outdoors from 15º - 50º Northern and Southern latitude.
Flowering time of this ideal plant is only 54 to 60 days.
Yield per m2 (indoors): 400 - 450 grams
Yield per plant (outdoors): 400 grams and more
Harvest time (outdoors): Early October (Northern latitude)

Paradise Seeds Sativa Spirit (10 seeds)

Genetics:Sativa dominant.
Specifics: nice long and big-sized frosty buds!
Description: She is well adapted to indoor sea of green techniques and
outdoors gives magnificent yields! It's a pleasure to smoke this delicious, delightful herb which tastes a bit like berries and red grapes. With its uplifting and energizing sativa high, it is great for going out on the town at night or spending an active day at the beach. In short, a joyful and exotic alround variety that you will want to grow over and over again.
Definately a keeper!
Growth: An easy-to-grow and rewarding plant.
Flowering time: 9/10 weeks
Yield per m2
: aprox 500 grams.
Yield per plant (outdoors): it is possible to yield 700 grams or more!
Harvest time (outdoors): middle/end of october (at 50º N.L.)