Flying Dutchmen

The Flying dutchman brought over pure true breeding strains like Early California, Thai, Mexican and Silver Haze from Columbia, Afghan and South African seeds. Most importantly he brought over a few crosses that he had already made himself, including the very first Skunk Number One which is a Columbian, Mexican, Afghan cross. This earnt him his present nickname THE SKUNK MAN.  

All packages contain 10 seeds, except for Mixed Sativa Diva’s (#9). This one contains 12 seeds: 4x Thai-Tanic, 4x Fuma Con Dios and 4x Swazi Safari


Skunk Pioneers


During the sixties in Holland, all that was available to smoke was hashish, and low grade imported grass. During the early to mid seventies a small number of Dutch enthusiasts started to grow two Dutch-strains, known then as "The Purple" and "The Green Lemon" types.  These were very large plants, with small buds and a very average taste and high. In fact during the second World War this grass was used as a substitute for tobacco. Eventually a few seeds made it over from Afghanistan and the Dutch started to work with this new variety. Suddenly this character showed up on the scene from America, trying to introduce the Dutch enthusiasts to some new varieties of seeds! He brought over pure,true breeding strains, like Early California,Thai,Mexican,Silver Haze from Columbia,Afghan and South African seeds. Most importantly, he brought over a few crosses that he had already made himself,including the very first Skunk Number One ( a Colombian, Mexican,Afghan cross). This earned him his present nickname,"The Skunkman".


Three major players of that time with an interest in superior plants ended up with skunkman's seeds. Eddie, who worked directly with the Skunkman and now runs The Flying Dutchmen Seed Company and the Cannabis College, Ben Dronkers of Sensi Seeds , and the infamous Neville,previous owner of the Cannabis Castle, who was already experimenting with his own genetics at the time. The base genetics for almost all the grass that you see in Holland today originates from these three guy's work. They were all a little sceptical of "The Skunkman's " bigger and better American ways,but decided to grow out thousands of his seeds in then thousand square meter greenhouses,using crude methods to simulate day and night cycles, and gauge the results for themselves. In 1984 the first crop was grown out and the results were astounding. Higher yield and better quality .  The Dutch never looked back. In order to find ideal genetics(both male and female) plants were being grown out thenthousand at a time in greenhouses, and the top 50 selected,then crossed again and grown out then thousand at a time, again always trying to isolate the best! But once you've found the best breeding stock by allowing all plants to fully mature(flower), how do you hold that plant back for future breeding genetics?


There was talk that in America a couple of people had experimented with the concept of cloning! The Dutch pioneers took some mature female flower cuttings and left them under fluoroscent lights in someone's attic, in the hope that they just might make it. After eight weeks only 20% survived,but it wasn't untill a further six months had elapsed that one of the plants sprouted one little leaf! Probably the first succesfull cloning of flowered cannabis ever. From the moment that little leaf shoot appeared,cannabis history changed forever.


Taken from an interview with Eddie by Sjoerd