Bubbleator B-Quick 2 Filter Bags Set

The latest invention by Pollinator Company: Collect your first batch of crystals within 10 minutes!

The Bubbleator is the latest development from Mila's Pollinator Company. It has a 500 gram capacity and is geared towards professional intensive use and a rapid turnover.

The system is a complete fully operational setup and requires only: cold water, a collection bucket, electricity, and the plant material that will be used. The setup is compact and discreet. It is light and can be transported with the built in handles.

It features a drive system that invokes motion of the plant material through non-intrusive means. This is the key to the higher quality product made by the Bubbleator. It features a unique pyramid shaped screen bag to separate the trichomes from the plant material. This bag has been designed especially to give water more interplay with the plant matter.

Once the wash is finished the water containing the trichomes passes through a filter bag that collects any loose leaf material from the water. Next it passes through the crystal catching sieve bag where your crystals are collected. Just like with the Ice-O-Lator, you pass these crystals through the kitchen sieve (included) for drying, after which they are ready for pressing or immediate use.

Included accessories:

– thermometer
– 220μm pyramid bag for inside the machine (holds ~400g dry plant material)
– 220 μm filter bag
– 70μm crystal catching bag

Please note:
Most plant material has a large number of resin glands smaller than 70μm.  The 220μm/70μm combination does NOT catch small crystals.
In our experience 20-60% of your total yield may be caught in screens smaller than 70μm.
In other words: If you choose to use the budget set without an additional bag for mini crystals, you might be throwing out 20-60% of your product with the water!