Kc Brains Brain's Choice

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KC Brains bred this plant by crossing a Lamsbread Jamaica from 1994 with a Leda Uno from 1996 and a White Widow he received from Ingemar in 1996.

Inside flowering 8 – 10 weeks
Height. appr. 100 cm, yield up to 160 grams

Outside flowering 9 – 12 weeks
height. 2,5 m, yield up to 900 grams
Harvest end of September

In the category hard-hitting Indica’s, this, Brains Choice®, may be the flagship for the stoney side of his strains. I grew the mother from seeds given to him by a Jamaican man I met in a coffee shop in Noord Holland. The seeds were Lambsbread. A legendary Jamaican strain, strong but not purely sativa. From one of the early seed breeders in the Amsterdam scene. After only one cross, I spent two years monitoring the new F1 for quality and stability. I was so pleased with the results, that I decided to name the hybrid “Brains Choice”.

Brains Choice® forms a marmalade of white and orange hairs a its flowers mature. The orange comes from Lambsbread, while the White Widow parentage shows through in the frosty proliferation of trichomes on the bud and nearby leaf. The buds cluster along the branches rather than forming one solid cola at the ends.