Kc brains White Kc

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The ancestors of this plant are a male K.C. 606 and a Real White Lady (which has top secret ancestors herself). This special indoor quality gives a very satisfactory harvest.

Inside flowering 6-11 weeks
height. 1 – 1.25 m, yield up to 125 gram

Outside flowering 8-10 weeks
height 1.25-2.25 m, yield up to 900 gram
Harvest September/October

Noble lines of the White Widow, Afghani and K.C. 33® merge to create this spectacular resin-coated beauty, ideal for hash enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys playing with twinkling, densely packed trichome-heavy buds.
As much as I enjoy hash, I prefer hearing these incredibly sticky, indica dominant buds hissing in the glowing bowl of a favorite bong.
The soft, lightly floral taste is followed by an immediately anaesthetising stone. An odd juxtaposition of qualities, like a velvet hammer. An easy indoor grow, she can do well outdoors in temperate zones but gets fussy under more challenging extremes. This unique hybrid is a promising therapeutic choice for medical users who like their buds white, chunky and formidable in effect.