Kc Brains Double D

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Everyone likes Double D® made from Vicking ’90 x Big Buds ’93 x K.C. 636 male. Giant buds.
NICE & DELICIOUS! #DankyDoodle

Inside flowering 9 – 11 weeks
Height. appr. 170 cm, yield up to 300 grams

Outside flowering 9 – 12 weeks
height. 3,5 m, yield up to 1500 grams
Harvest end of September

Double D® is a sativa strain that produces tall thin and sturdy plants with green colas long narrow leaves. Having a Viking’s genes makes her resistant to diseases, pests and mould; she is also one of easy growing marijuana varieties and can be grown outdoors and indoors, in pots, soil and/or hydroponics setups, or just about anywhere.
Double D® has a short flowering period for a sativa, just 9-12 weeks depending where you grow her. Her lightly fragrant flowers start turning into huge buds; her pleasant slightly spicy smell becomes more intensive; her buds begin developing thick shiny THC crystals.

Danky Doodle’s marijuana is said to be one of the most powerful, the amount of THC varies from 15% to 20%. The more you nurture your sativa, the more THC you’ll get.