Bayer Garden Decis Concentrate 20ml


Decis Concentrate is a fast-acting and effective pesticide against box tree moth, lice, caterpillars and beetles. Decis Concentrate is a contact spray that kills the pest on contact. You only need to spray where there are box tree moth lice, caterpillars or beetles occure.


- Easy to use in this ready to use formulation.
- Provides effective lasting control.
- Can also be used on herbs and vegetables.

Application method


Application advice

Disolve 0.5 ml to 1 ml per liter depending on the plant to which the agent is applied. Use plant protection products safely. Before use, read the operating instructions and the application table for the correct dosage.


Only spray where box tree moth, lice, caterpillars or beetles are visible. The agent kills the pests on contact. Spray out of wind when the sun isn't shining on the plant (s) or during cloud covering. Do not use above 25 ° C and below 13 ° C. Prevent the agent from getting into ponds. The solution has a 2 weeks shelf life, so don't mix more then directly necessary.

Registration Information

- Active substance: Deltamethrin;
- Quantity of active substance: 15 grams / liter;
- Registration number: 14943 N.