Aptus Bioshark Soil Attack Liquid 100 ml

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Prevents problems with soil borne insects
Soil Attack Liquid prevents problems with soil borne insects that nestle in the substrate and harm the root system. Soil Attack Liquid is a 100% organic product that is not harmful for your plant or natural predators.


Prevents problems with soil borne insects
100% organic and not harmful for plant or natural predators

Tips & Trics

The preventive application of Soil Attack keeps harmful soil borne insects away
during the complete growing cycle.


Soil Attack Liquid contains a natural oil that comes from the fruit of a tropical tree. This oil has been used for many years for different medical and botany applications. This oil comes in different qualities. Soil Attack Liquid contains the purest, highly liquid form of this oil. Soil Attack Liquid is a pure product that is not diluted with water.

Application and dosage

Apply 2,5-5 ml of Soil Attack per litre water, after planting to prevent problems during the growing cycle. Pour or combine with nutrients through irrigation system.