Bluelab Truncheon EC Meter


When growing with a hydroponics solution, it is very important to know the nutrient levels of the solution before giving it to your plants and also during their growing period. Thanks to the Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter measuring the nutritional value is fast and easy to do.

When the conductivity is too low, the plants can not absorb the nutrients properly and when the conductivity is too high it results in dehydration of the plants. With the EC meter you no longer have to depend solely on your feelings, but you know for sure how much nutrients the solution contains.

Simply place the head of the probe in the solution and the measurement is indicated by flashing lights. Calibration of the Truncheon Nutrient Meter is not necessary (and not possible).


- LED EC meter;
- Waterproof;
- Can not and must not be calibrated;
- 2 - 3.6 EC range;
- ± 0.1 EC resolution;
- ± 4% accurate;
- Automatic on and off function;
- 5 years warranty;
- Blue LED lights;
- No buttons;
- Includes 3 x AA battery;
- Removable shroud for easy cleaning.