Biogreen Soil Heating Cable

4.3 meter - 25 watt : 0.4 m2
6 meter -  50 watt :  0.8m2
7.5 meter - 75 watt: 1.2 m2
10 meter - 100 watt  1.6 m2

Make your own propagator for germination and rooting

Very flexible silicon cable!

The Bio Green Soil-Heating-Cable takes the heat just where you want it. It is particularly suitable for home-made propagators and seed-trays. The cable is very flexible and can easily be laid to suit your particular requirements. The many different ways of laying and using it make the waterproof cable a universal heat source.

Using it with the TER2 thermostat with extra remote sensor makes for ideal propagating conditions, because the soil temperature is accurately controlled.


- Rapid germination;
- Faster growth;
- Warms the soil by about 8-12°C;
- Many applications: Seed propagation, Terrarium or aquarium;
- CE-tested;
- 2 year guarantee.