Davin DV 12 Relay Box max 1200w


The Davin DV-12 is a time-controlled relay box with which you can swich to a maximum of 2 x 600 watts or 2 x 400 watts. The K version of the DV-12 is equipped with a heater contact, which starts the heater when the lights are off.

To connect the switch box you will preferably need a 'clean' group of at least 6 amperes. A clean group means that this group is only used by the DV-12. If you do not have a 'clean' group (left), we advise you to have the DV-12 installed by a certified installer.

The DV-12 has a (thermal) 6 Amp fuse. This fuse turns the time controller off automatically in case of an overload and/or a short circuit.


- Dimensions: 210 x 110 x 70mm;
- Required working voltage: 230 Vac / 50 Hz;
- Max. power: 6 Ampere;
- Thermally secured;
- Insulation level: IP44.


At the back of the DV-12 there are 2 mounting brackets. This allows you to mount the DV-12 onto a (flat) surface.

- Place the DV-12 close to your 'clean' group. At the bottom of the DV-12 you will find a grounded (230V) connection cord;
- Install, if needed, a grounded outlet onto your 'clean' group;
- Plug the cord into the outlet of your 'clean' group;
- Your DV-12 is now connected to the mains voltage.