Blumat Digital Tensio meter


With the Tensiometer it becomes possible to get a better understanding about the soil’s condition, you can fine-tune watering to the plants needs . This will save you fertilizer and water and bring more quality and quantity.

What is a tensiometer ?
A Tensiometer is a hollow tube with at one end a porous ceramic cup and at the other end a device which measures pressure. The hollow tube is filled with distillate water.

How does a tensiometer work ?
Tensiometers are instruments that are used to measure the energy status (or potential) of soil water. That measurement is a very useful one because it is directly related to the ability of plants to extract water from soil. They provide direct measurements of soil moisture status and they are easily managed. In addition, Tensiometers can be used to control irrigation water applications when the soil water potential decreases to a certain critical value. Plants roots undergo tension as they pull water out of a soil matrix . A Tensiometer acts like a mechanical root.

Growing successfully with a tensiometer
Every type of soil has a certain saturation-point (replete) and a point where plants will wither . At the point of saturation the Tensiometer display’s 0 while the whither point for Cannabis is about 200 mbar . The best level for Cannabis is about 80 mbar. With the Tensiometer we can measure these values very accurately to determine when water is needed. This makes the Tensiometer an indispensable instrument for succesful growing.
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