CAN-A-WIPES The Best Heavy-Duty Disinfectant Wipes

CAN-A-WIPES | The Best Heavy-Duty Disinfectant Wipes

CAN-A-WIPES are wet wipe towelettes that tackle heavy-duty cleaning jobs. Keep them by your side for every dirty job you do, from gardening to plumbing.


Resins can be extremely tough to remove. Can-A-Wipes takes resin off with just one wipe


Remove the smells that you’d rather not experience on yourself using glycerin, lanolin, aloe, and vitamin E


Got a dirty little stain that just won’t quit? Let the Can-A-Wipes solution soak in, then wipe that stain away


Oil and grease on your tools and clothes can make the next job just as dirty as this one. Clean up quickly before you regret it!


Removing road tar can be incredibly difficult but with Can-A-Wipes by your side the job is much easier


Easy paint cleanup on both hands, surfaces and equipment. The great smell also helps remove that strong turpentine odor