Gronest Bending Clips Plant Training


Plant training made easy!
This little device allows you to gently bend the branches of your plants so they can receive more light than if they would grow naturally.

As the plant grows through the vegetative stage, Gronest Bending Clips are clipped to the stems which change their growing direction. By clipping on more, you can sculpt the shape of your plant to provide maximum light penetration and increase flower development. After a week or so they can be removed and the bend will remain, they can then be used elsewhere on the plant.
Gronest Bending Clips are also very handy for moving large fan leaves that are shading other flowers beneath. Simply clip one onto the leaf stem to bend it into another position.

- Clip interior diameter Ø 6 mm
- Allows light to reach lower branches
- Gentle on your plants
- Create better airflow
- Re-usable
- Quantity 50 pcs