Shield Latex Gloves (100)

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The latex gloves from Shield are made of high quality natural rubber and feel like a second skin. These gloves are lightly powdered so that you hardly perspire and you can easily put them on. Shield disposable gloves are a very reliable and comfortable solution for the protection of your hands during various activities. Think, for example, of activities in the care, household and cleaning activities, food processing and preparation and so on.


- Manufactured from natural rubber latex;
- Available in various sizes (S, M, L, XL);
- Complies with the European directive for safety 89/686/EEC;
- Suitable for working with food EC135/2004;
- Consists of flexible material for a better feel and fit:
- Consists of material that reduces fatigue during prolonged use;
- Lightly powdered so they are easy to put on and reduces perspiration;
- Has sturdy edges so they stay in place and nothing comes in;
- Low in residual chemicals to reduce the risk of contact dermatitis;
- Offers protection against (cleaning) agents.