Flying Dutchmen Seeds Mixed Sativa Divas Regular

Developed: Varies, F-1 hybrids Sativa / Indica:
Sativa Appearance: Mix

Smell / taste: Mix High /
strength: Mix

Yield per m2: High

Sowing time: May / June Outdoor harvest: October / November (Holland)

Flowering period: 9 - 12 weeks (12 hrs indoor)

Many different varieties of mothers, a good gene mix for selections.

12 seeds:Mixed Sativa Diva's (12 seeds consisting of 4 Thai Tanic, 4 Swazi Safari and 4 Fuma Con Dios)

A delicious selection from the Flying Dutchmen. All the quality you have come to expect from us but in a mixed bag. Selected from our top breeding line seeds, big justrain :
mixed sativa diva,s