Secret Jardin Ngrow Nano Lightning and Temperature Controller


The Secret Jardin nGrow is an easy-to-use, robust plug & play lighting and temperature controller. The lighting is intuitively adjustable by adjusting the ON time and duration after which the lighting is switched on and off by means of a relay. The temperature is as easy to set and has a maximum temperature which can be adjusted separately for day and night. The nGrow also has a temperature protection that turns off the lighting above an adjustable temperature.


- Robust – Compact – Intuitive – Plug & Play;
- Light control with start time and duration;
- Ventilation control with night and day temperature;
- Mechanical Relay for lighting;
- Variable Control for extraction;
- Designed for up to 1200W lighting and 200W extraction;
- Additionnal security by cutting-off lighting in case of overheating.


- Reference: Ngrow;
- Designation: Nano Grow Light / Extraction / T°;
- Weight: 1.8 lb;
- Dimensions: L9.8" x W2.7" x H1.8";

Lighting plug:

- Female Plug: Type F (EU);
- Control Type: Relay;
- Fuse: 10 A;
- Power Max: 1200 W.
- Extraction plug:
- Female Plug: Type F (EU);
- Control Type: PWM;
- Fuse: 1,6A;
- Power Max: 200W.

T° sensor:

- Type: T°;
- Cable Length: 78".

Main power:

- Voltage: 110-220 V;
- Frequentie: 50/60 Hz;
- Cable Length: 95";
- Male Plug: Type F (EU);
- MTBF: 15 000 hours.