Plagron Perlite 60 liter

Perlite is baked volcanic rock that provides an airy substrate and improved drainage. Use Perlite to improve the structure of the soil. Perlite can be broadly used. It has a consistent quality, is germ-free and provides the ideal water / air ratio. Perlite stimulates root development. The product carries the RHP quality mark.


Mix 10 - 35% Perlite into the soil.


100% Perlite

Advantages of Perlite

-  High water and oxygen holding capacity.

-  Consistent quality and germ free.

-  Provides an ideal water/air ratio.

Tips from Plagron

-   Perlite can also be used as a hydrological substrate.
-   Creates root space under a tray of cuttings.
-   Perlite is an ideal supplement with every soil mixture from Plagron.