Dinafem Seeds Sweet Deep Grapefruit Female (5seeds)

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Sex : Feminised
Genotype : 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Cross : Grapefruit x Blueberry
Suitable for : Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering : 55-65 days
Indoor yield : 550 g/m2
Outdoor harvest time : Mid-September / Late September
Outdoor yield : 800-900 g/plant
Outdoor height : 3 m
THC : 12-19%

Sweet Deep Grapefruit is a feminised cannabis seed with one of the most intense and fruity aromas of our catalogue. If you love Indica genetics with unique tastes and mind-blowing effects, don't miss the opportunity to try this amazing hybrid. At Dinafem Seeds, we were itching to create a sweet and fruity strain that set a precedent for the future. Our team of breeders decided to work with two elite genetics, Grapefruit and Blueberry, and the result is this super-potent 80 % Indica marijuana strain that awakens our senses and that makes us feel extremely proud.


Sweet Deep Grapefruit is a rather branchy plant with short internodes and big, wide leaves. Her body is formed by a huge and compact main cola surrounded by many big buds all over her side branches. This mid-sized plant could reach heights of 3 meters outdoors and, if the temperature drops at night, she may acquire beautiful reddish, purplish and violet hues that are a real sight to behold.


Sweet Deep Grapefruit delivers rather bountiful crops. In a remarkably short time, and in exchange for very little attention, she’s capable of producing buds of considerable size. In fact, she can easily produce 550 g/m2 of buds covered in resin indoors and some 800-900 g/plant outdoors. Notable figures, indeed.

Aromas and flavours

Sweet Deep Grapefruit showcases very special tastes and aromas, reminiscent of a tasty fruit cocktail. A not-to-be-missed sweet and fruity fragrance that will instantly seduce you with its delicious nuances of berries. In this hybrid, the amazing tastes and aromas of her predecessors become evident and are indeed much more intense.


Sweet Deep Grapefruit is a marijuana strain with 12-19 % THC. Her effect, balanced, potent and long-lasting, shows a clear Indica dominance, and delivers a highly intense but proportionate sense of physical relaxation that will make you feel on cloud nine for a while.


Sweet Deep Grapefruit presents an incredibly vigorous growth that requires much attention from the grower when cultivating indoors because she tends to stretch in excess and could easily run out of space. Outdoors, she shows her potential in warm, dry and sunny climates, as well as under the protection of the greenhouse. She’s ready after only 55-65 days of flowering indoors and by mid-/late September outdoors. In optimal growing conditions, and when provided with a standard diet, she’ll fill our garden with a marvelous aroma that will take us straight to the countryside, to a field full of fruit trees.