Bluelab Multimedia PH Meter


Combined with the Bluelab LeapTM ph probe, the Bluelab Multimedia pH meter performs fast, accurate measurements in nutrient solutions, soil, cocos, rockwool and many other cultivation media.

Calibration of the pH meter is very simple. Press the special calibration button and use the Bluelab Calibration Solutions. If the calibration is successful, a calibration indicator appears on the screen. After 30 days, the indicator disappears to indicate that recalibration is required.

In addition, the LCD screen has backlight, a battery indicator and an automatic shutdown function.


Test more with a faster sensor response and direct measurements of substrates;
Applicable to various cultivation media for measurements in different environments;
Hardened spear tip for direct root-zone measurements.

- 0 - 14.0 pH range;
- 1 pH resolution;
- ± 0.1 pH accurate;
- 3 pH calibration points - pH 4, 7 and 10;
- Backlight LCD screen;
- Automatic off function;
- indicator;
- Battery indicator;
- Includes 2 x AAA battery;
- 5 year warranty on the pH-meter;
- 6 month warranty on the Leap pH Probe.