Bulb Philips Son-t-pia Green Power 400 w

The Philips Son-T Pia Green Power 400 watt bulb with 58500 lumen has a mostly red and yellow color spectrum, which is needed for the blooming phase. Additionally, the bulb contains an increased blue portion of light, which has positive effects on the growth phase.

Attention: The bulb works only in combination with an appropriate ballast (HPS) and an E-40 socket.

- Increased light output: 58, 500 lumens
- 2000K
- 136 Lm / W
- PPF - 750 umol / s
- E40 ceramic socket
- 230 V
- Dual Spectrum
- To use only with a 400W ballast
- Suggested area from 80x80cm to 100x100cm