Flash Seeds Super Auto Annapurna Feminised (3 seeds)

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THC: 18 %

CBD: 0.9 %

Height: 150cm to 250cm

Weight: 200g to 450g

Harvest time from planting the seed: 9100 to 110 days

Medicinal use: A + + (daytime and nighttime)

STITCH0.1 - Indica - Sativa %: 05 - 15 - 80

Effects: Relaxing, Joyful, Body High, Euphoric, Creativity 

ANNAPURNA SuperAuto Hybrid

This variety is for those who love plants from high altitude Nepal. The type that is used to produce the legendary charas from Nepal and Northern India. My SuperAuto hybrid version is what you should choose if you want a very large plant with high performance for your outdoor summer crop.

The cross is KC 33 x Nepal x STITCH0.1 and the results together created a remarkable hybrid variety that is easy to grow in high altitudes and colder temperatures as well as shows great resistance to mold, grows very fast and finishes quickly. It will also perfectly acclimate to many soils that are typically a little rough for most guerrilla crops around the world.

The buds are very tight and the flowers have really nice coverage on the branches while still allowing adequate airflow to help fight mold. Perfect for high grade hashish production because of it's sacred legendary resin... A true delicacy!