Flash Seeds Auto Jet 47 Feminised (3 seeds)

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THC: 18%

Height: 35 to 120 cm

Weight: 20 to 80 grams per plant

Harvest time from which the seed: 65 to 80 days

Medicinal Use: A (Day Use)

Genetics: Lowryder 15% - Indica 20% - Sativa 65%

Effects: Happiness, Fun, Good Vibrations, Relaxing Body High, Perfect For Taking Walks, and Great Daytime Usage (both Medicinal and Recreational) 

JET47  Feminized

At first, when I did the initial test of the well known strain AK 47, my idea was to develop a proper automatic version, but I also wanted to achieve a level of quality with extremely white trichome development as well as better density and a higher percentage of THC than the original...  I did this automatic version and renamed it JET 47 because of its ability to make you fly high and also because of how well it impresses the most picky connoisseurs.   It's time for you to join my flight on JET 47 to the Moon with Breed'AIR Stitch! So.... Go passengers preparing to board, the flight attendants will accommodate, just fasten your seat belts, relax and enjoy the ride!