Flash Seeds Super Auto Number One Feminised (3 seeds)

THC: 19%

CBD: 0.8%

Height: 150cm to 300cm

Weight: 200g to 500g

Harvest time from planting the seed: 95 to 105 days

Medicinal use: A + (daytime and nighttime)

STITCH0.1 - Indica - Sativa %: 05 - 10 - 85

Effects: Very Sativa, Very Motivating, Creative, Perfect for smoking and go dancing!


Here is the best of my SuperAuto beasts! If you want real production look no further... Nowhere else, not any other seed bank or anywhere else in the universe! Super quality crop production and the highest grade . Number One is the result of crossing my base Stitch 0.1 x white widow x nepal part mystery and I love it...
Plants grow with hyper speed of 3-4cm per day in the best conditions. Personally, I've seen these plants reach 3 meters tall and yield a little over 700 grams dry buds...

This variety as well as all of my SuperAutos should be grown in 25 liter pots for outdoor growing or plant in mother earth for the best results. This variety is forgiving. Not afraid of anything or anyone... You can play with it, over fertilize, or do SCROG methods etc.

It's a perfect plant for all. Her lifetime is longer than the lowryder autos because of the Stitch0.1 in her genes. It is super rare variety and I am the only one in the world to own it...