Dinafem Seeds Original Amnesia Female (5 seeds)

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Sex : Feminised
Genotype : 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
Cross : Original Amnesia x Original Amnesia
Suitable for : Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering : 65 days
Indoor yield : 600 g/m2
Outdoor harvest time : Mid-October / Late October
Outdoor yield : 1200 g/plant
Outdoor height : 3.5 m
THC : 18%
CBD : Low

Original Amnesia is a feminised cannabis seed derived from an Original Amnesia backcross. The origins of Original Amnesia, created by a Dutch breeder, haven't been revealed. However, she's suspected to derive from the cross of a Haze and a Northern Lights. The catalogue of Dinafem Seeds couldn't do without this wonderful Sativa queen that has succeeded in fully captivating not only Dutch coffee shops but all those who have happened to meet her as well. This gift for the Haze lovers showcases many of the traits so sought after in cannabis: she flowers in record time, her yield is magnificent, her potency is brutal and her organoleptic traits are simply unique.

    2nd prize in the 'Sativa' category at Copa Cannazores 2016.
    2nd prize in the 'Sativa' category at Treating Yourself Cup 2014, Toronto.
    1st prize in the 'Sativa' category at Expogrow 2012, Irun.
    1st prize in the 'Sativa' category at Highlife Cup, Holland.
    Absolute Winner at Highlife Cup, Holland.


Original Amnesia is a marijuana plant whose vigour exceeds any ordinary parameters. Despite her Sativa nature, she looks more Indica-like. Growing rather tall, with lots of branches and medium distance between nodes, she produces numerous thick, hard and highly resinous buds all over her body.


Original Amnesia is a heavy-yielding strain. In fact, she can provide up to 600 g/m2 indoors and some 1200 g/plant outdoors. All the buds she produces are rock-hard, elongated, thick and covered in smelly resin. If you’re cultivating this strain, don’t forget to have plenty of storage space available. You’ll definitely need it!

Aromas and flavours

The taste and aroma of Original Amnesia are very intense and refined, marvellously mixing hints of citrus, Haze, cedar, incense and spices. A tasty and nice combination that captivates all those who taste her.

Original Amnesia is one of those cannabis seeds that the collection of thrill-seekers and Sativa-lovers shouldn’t do without. She produces a clearly Sativa effect, very potent, stimulating, euphoric and long-lasting, that goes straight to the head and finishes with a very profound and pleasant sensation of physical relaxation.


It’s always a pleasure to work with Original Amnesia, a seed with an exemplary behavior. Her overall potency becomes more than evident during the cultivation. She flowers very fast, at par with the best sprinter, and crosses the finish line like a champ. Indoors, she’s ready in just 65 days and, outdoors, the time to harvest arrives by mid-/late October. As a matter of fact, she grows so fast and so vigorously that stopping the vegetative phase after 3 weeks indoors is necessary to avoid having serious space issues during the flowering, a moment in which she stretches a lot. Doing a guerrilla grow or cultivating in a greenhouse are both great outdoor options that guarantee bountiful crops. When it comes to the best fertilizing scheme, you’d better be cautious and moderate. Another major advantage of this strain is her ability to cope with moisture- and plague-related problems. When growing in the open air, she thrives in warm, temperate and Mediterranean climates, as well as under the protection of the greenhouse.