Paperbus Propagation Rockwool Plugs 28 mm Soft



Paperbus rockwool plugs with a diameter of 28 mm. One box contains 8 Trays, each with 104 rockwool plugs. Paperbus propagation plugs are used for rooting cuttings and seed germination.

Paperbus rockwool propagation plugs stand for uniformity and reliability. The ideal basis for automated processing, uniform germination and high percentage of transplantable plants. The shape and firmness of the plugs are of a high quality level, which makes both mechanical and manual handling significantly easier. Each plug has the same density, firmness and fibrous structure. The distribution of water, nutrients and pH value will be equal. This has a positive effect on the germination results.

Extensive tests have shown that cuttings that are created in 'paper plugs' root up to to four! (4) days faster than cuttings in ordinary propagation plugs.
The reason lies in the material itself; 'Paper Plugs' are propagation plugs which are filled with a mixture of mineral wool fibre and perlite, with a paper sleeve.

This material has so little root resistance, that the cuttings root faster and better.

The predominantly vertical fiber structure gives the plugs the desired resilience. A practical advantage when transplanting is that the plug maintains its shape, makes good contact with the block and guarantees a rapid initial growth. A good balance between small and large pores in the rock wool ensures an ideal balance between air and water in the plugs. The fiber structure provides a balanced distribution of feedwater throughout the entire plug. In short, paperbus rockwool propagation plugs lay by their homogeneity, flexibility, shape and firmness the basis for an optimum germination process and a uniform seeding result.

Rockwool flakes / perlite mixture / 104 plugs per Tray:

- 104 propagation plugs per tray;
- 8 trays per box;
- 832 propagation plugs per box;
- size of the propagation plugs:  Ø28mm x 4 cm;
- size of the tray: 52.5 x 30.5 x 5 cm.