Bionaire Heater BFH251

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BFH251 2000W Compact Fan Heater. Fan-forced heaters quickly and effectively rooms so you can keep the thermostat down.  

Product Features:

-    2.0 kW, ideal for small sized room
-    2 heat setting
-    Drip proof IP21 protection (against vertical water drop)
-    Cool blow for versatile use (summer and winter)
-    Convenient power on light
-    Mechanical thermostat for temperature control
-    Sound Level: 60 db max

Adjustable Thermostat

Mechanical Thermostat: This is the most popular feature in portable electric heaters. A thermostat can be used to maintain a desired set temperature (or temperature range) so consumers can better control their comfort levels. Once the thermostat is set, the heater will continue to operate until the desired temperature is reached. Using the thermostat also helps consumers efficiently control energy consumption. First, because you can focus heating in those areas in the home which are used more commonly and turn down the central heating thermostat in other rooms. Second, the thermostat maintains a specify temperature, so that once the room reaches ideal temperature the heater shuts off and no longer draws electricity.