Flash Seeds Auto Kush Van Stitch Feminised (3 seeds)

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THC: 19%

Height: 20cm to 65cm

Weight: 20g to 100g per plant

Harvest time from which the seeds: 55 to 65 days

Medicinal Use: A + (night use)

Genetics: Lowryder 15% - Indica 80% - Sativa 5%

Effect: Relaxing, tranquil, euphoric, and full body high. The best thing to do after smoking it is to sit on a nice couch with the remote in hand and find the movie you

want to see. That's it. Enjoy! 


This will easily be the most incredible OG Kush automatic that you will ever grow. I can say this with confidence because

so far nobody has told me that they have found something better...   This strain was developed for personal use and medicinal use.

I decided to circulate it in order for people to be able to have the highest grade flowers very quickly.   

This strain has a pure lemon scent and is thickly covered with large THC rich trichomes!