Flash Seeds Super Auto Chaze Super Feminised (3 seeds)

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THC: 19%

CBD: 0.5%

Height: 150cm 250cm

Weight: 200g to 500g

Harvest time from planting the seed: 95 to 100 days

Medicinal Use: A + (Daytime and Nighttime)

STITCH0.1 - Indica - Sativa: 05% - 15% - 80%

Effects: Very Euphoric, Happiness, Motivational

CHAZE SuperAuto Hybrid

This new variety of Superautomatic was created from a cross  between the original English Cheese x Oldtimer's Haze x Stitch0.

These plants are uniform and have extraordinary power....It was hybridized to express traits of vigor, potency, high yield, and stability equal to or better than any non-automatic plant. Medium in size, well branched, very floral, and exceptionally resinous.

The manicure is easy, with a similar structure between the bud and the leaf. This is an easy to grow Superautomatic marijuana plant because it holds up very well against weather difficulties such as cold and moisture.

Perfect for outdoor gardens and you can start to germinate from April to June. Its life cycle is just under 100 days. It has a very sweet but strong magical flavor with a distinctively unique aroma. A soft cheese with incense blend.

Plants grow with brutal speed of 3-4cm per day in the best conditions...This variety as well as all of my SuperAutos are best for outdoor growing in pots at 25 liters and bigger or plant in mother earth for the best results!

The effect is sativa, energizing, and good vibes. It is also a variety that can be used for many therapeutic uses.