Garden Highpro Clip Fan 15 cm 5w

The secret to Garden Highpro 5W CLIP FAN is it's 'Direct Drive Magentic Engine'. Unlike conventional clip fans that use oil to lubricate rotation, Garden Highpro have incorporated a high quality magnetic fan that guarantees a longer life span than other products on the market. The fan also boasts the ability to withstand the extreme changes in conditions that grow rooms can face 24/7. In addition to this, the fan's low 5W consumption means users can also save on their electricity bills (up to 20-25 euro/year), making the Garden Highpro 5W Clip Fan one of (if not the) best on the market.


- Direct drive magnetic engine
- Low consumption device Save up to 25$ power consumption / year
- Extremely silent
- Lighter and more stable

Diameter : 15cm
Power : 5W
Voltage : 110V -220V 50/60Hz
Speed : 2100 T/MIN
Air Flow : 215 m3/h
Engine : Direct Drive Magnetic