Honey Bee Extractor Large (Queen Bee 100gr)

Queen Bee Extractor

Like the original Honey Bee Oil Extractor, the Queen Bee Extractor is 100% PVC free, dishwasher safe and safe to use! The Queen Bee Extractor holds three times as much plant material as the original, allowing you to produce even more pure concentrate from your plant leftovers. Instructions an two filters are included. The Queen Bee Extractor comes in assorted colors. You'll receive one of these colors at random based on availability.

Always use the Queen Bee extractor in a well-ventilated area, and DO NOT smoke while extracting, wear loose clothes or use near any open flame or sparks!

Three times the capacity of the original Honey Bee Extractor!

-    Made in Canada

-    Holds up to 100 grams

-    100% PVC free

-    Two filters included

-    Assorted colors