Bluelab Soil Ph Pen


The pH value of your soil or substrate is of great importance for the growth of your plants. With the Bluelab Soil pH Pen you can easily determine the pH.

Each plant species has its own optimum in terms of the pH value. The acidity is influenced by the level of lime in the soil. Sand and peat soils are generally more acidic (pH 4.5 to 5.6) than clay soils (pH higher than 6.7). The pH regulates the balance in the soil through chemical processes. If the pH value is too low, more trace elements, heavy metals and phosphate are present in the soil moisture. If the pH is too high, in the presence of a lot of lime, the lack of manganese, iron, boron, zinc and copper can occur due to the fact that it is fixed. For proper functioning of the soil life, the pH value must be above 4.8.

In addition to the pH value, the Bluelab Soil pH Pen also measures the temperature of your grow medium, including soil, cocos and rock wool. The Pen is also suitable for use in solutions. The temperature is important for the growth rate and the structure of a plant. In most cases a solution temperature of 18-22 ˚C or 65-72 ˚F is ideal.


- Bluelab portable pH pen;
- pH & temperature meter;
- Waterproof;
- 0 to 14.0 pH range;
- 1 pH resolution;
- ± 0.1 pH accurate;
- 3 pH calibration points - pH 4, 7 and 10;
- Temperature measurement 1 °C accurate;
- Battery indicator;
- Automatic off function;
- Automatic Temperature Compensation;
- 1 year warranty;
- Includes 1 x AAA battery.