SMSCOM Hybrid Fan Controller MK2 4A


The Hybrid Controller MK2 uses a software-driven technology, combined with a mechanical 5-step system for the speed regulation of the fans. It is designed to maintain a constant room temperature and to keep the airflow under control at all times. The presence of a heavy 5 step transformer makes the Hybrid Controller MK2 the most reliable and silent controller on the market that ensures that your fan does not buzzes. By adding the PRO software with light sensor, the Hybrid Controller MK2 will also keep the humidity in your grow room under control at night. The light sensor is available separately.

PRO function

The controller knows exactly when it is night and then takes the humidity extra into account. As soon as the light sensor detects that the room is dark, the night program will start. During this program, the Hybrid Controller removes the moisture out of the grow room every hour without affecting the temperature. This prevents an accumulation of moist air and the formation of fungi. You can see the night program is active by the blinking LED 'Humidity'.

If it is light, the PRO function is switched off. From that moment on the controller regulates the extraction in the normal way. The night program is important because condensation mainly occurs during the night due to a lower temperature compared to during the day.


- Regulates the fan speed;
- 5 steps;
- SMSCOM Hybrid technology;
- Not buzzing;
- Automatic with thermostat;
- Plug-and-play;
- Maximum capacity 4A;
- 5 years warranty.


- Connect your fans correctly to the blue sockets (small fan = IN / large fan = OUT);
- Set the desired MINIMUM fan speed with button 1 (eg 30%);
- Set the desired temperature with button 2 (eg 25 ° C);
- Set the desired MAXIMUM fan speed with button 3 (eg 95%);
- Place the temperature sensor in your room. Note, not in direct airflow or directly under a light source;
- Place the light sensor in your room, focused on the light source, do not remove the cap yet!
- Now connect the Hybrid Controller to the mains.
- Of course you can also connect only one fan, then connect it to "FAN AIR OUT".

Do not forget to remove the light sensor cover to activate the PRO function!

Note: Too slow running fans provide too much noise, too little change and the risk of faulty fans. So make sure that the minimum setting is not too low.