TGA Subcool Appolo 13 - Bx Regular (5 seeds)

Apollo-13 x Vortex

Apollo-13 x Vortex

Representing thousands of hours of selective breeding we proudly offer our first back cross of Apollo-13. Pain staking care was taken in the male selection and the project to locate him took 60 plants and over a year of research. The high is instant and powerful yet also invigorating and inspirational. Most of my writing is inspired by the THC profile of Apollo-13 as it provides a boost of mental energy. Apollo-13 is so prized for its Red Bubble Hash that many growers dream of processing the entire plant into Hash.

Simply stated I feel this is the best Cannabis produced in Seed Form!

Phenotypes:  The dominant variation is a mirror of the mother plant
Height:  Tall thin Sativa look
Yield:  Medium - very resinous and sticky

Indoor and Outdoor

Best way to grow:  Easy to shape and train allowing any style of growing
Harvest:  55-60 days
Sat/Ind:  85/15
Hybrid:  Apollo 13 is a cross between Genius and P75 (a precursor to C99)
High Type:  The high is clear and cerebral, without a hint of paranoia
Taste:  It's almost indescribable, like rotting fruit, citrus, and baby poo with a hint of pepper
THC %  CBD %  CBN %
17.93  .36  .45