TGA Subcool Chernobyl Regular (5 seeds)

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Trainwreck x Trinity x Jack the Ripper

Train Wreck x Trinity x Jack the Ripper

This strain produces large towering colas that are encrusted in crystals. Chernobyl is another of our color changing strains which produces stacked trichomes and copious amounts of resin. The taste is a combination of sweet and sour with a lime slurpee undertone and earthy overtone. Slymer and The Golden Ticket came from this line!

When I came out west I started on a Quest for the best Trainwreck cutting I could find. I was not impressed with the Arcata cutting as it was to tall to slow and to bi-sexual for my taste. I had written off this legendary strain until I came across an amazing plant discovered by Smokescreen. Found inside a bag of Dank of the few seeds found one female exhibited all the traits of the famous wreck without producing a single male stamen even late into budding. The complex late coloring is a thing of beauty and the potency of this mother is epic. Extremely potent smoking just a few bowls is an adventure in repertory failure and flat lining your brain waves. We decided to combine this incredible female with the genetics of Jack the Ripper.
Phenotypes: Fast growing plants that form multiple towers of buds
Height: Tall
Yield:  Medium

Indoor and Outdoor : Does well Indoors and gets Tremendous Outdoors

Best way to grow: Topped early and trained to stay as low as possible
Harvest: 8-9 Weeks
Sat/Ind: 60/40
Hybrid: Train Wreck X Trinity X Jacks Cleaner X Space Queen
High Type : Strong and pleasant very good for pain relief without paranoia
Taste:  Lime Slurpee or Sherbert