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Killer Queen G-13 Dom x Jack The Ripper

Killer Queen G13 Dom x Jack The Ripper

Heavy resin producer Killer Queen crossed with Jack the Ripper to combine the citrus taste with the ultimate resin producing plant. Extracts made from these resins appear almost white. Tastes and smells of limes, slight Haze influence and the unmistakable G-13 flavor. Not for the occasional smoker!

Created for one thing! Potency, combining the high THC of G-13 the mythical strain created by the US Gov and my favorite breeder Vic High with my award winning Jack the Ripper the resulting hybrid is virtually resin growing directly on a plant. Heavy Pinene and lime flavors reminiscent of an old NL-5. Visuals and some mental distortion comes along with soaring highs and creativity.

Phenotypes: Slight variation and heavy resin production
Height: Tall and wide, we suggest topping for better yields perfect for SCROG
Yield:  Medium flowers with heavy resin coating even on stems.

Indoor / Outdoor

Best Way to Grow: Perfect for SCROG or Trellis
Harvest: 56-60 days fast…
Sat/Ind: 50/50
Hybrid: Cindy 99 x G-13 x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen
High Type:  Intense and strong mind numbing potency, instant euphoria and mental clarity, introspective and creative even through the mental confusion that comes with the potency
Taste:  Limes, astringent, fruity, slight Haze influence and the unmistakable G-13 flavor.